Friday, 19 July 2013

Who I Am

I'd like to introduce myself to you our audience.
My name is James and I am the admin of this site. I am from Canada and am an Aboriginal
 ( Native) by heritage. 
I am an Elder and a High Priest of our teachings. I am also an energy healer.
We do not hold any teaching above the other as we consider truth to be apart of us all no matter where it comes from. 
I have designed the site for everyone to join in and publish their teachings, beliefs, stories or anything they would like to that is part of their walk and path in this life.
We do not judge nor are we prejudice against any teachings or beliefs as long as violence or abuse of others is not involved.
We would love to have you, the readers join us and become part of our family here on Healing Touch.
Please join us and thank you in advance for logging into this site.
Native Spiritual Guide
Megwetch ( Thank you)

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