Monday, 22 July 2013

How to Give Thanks In All Circumstances

Life is full of struggles, but we don't have to sit & wallow in life's depression.
We can rise above situations if we know how. We can even learn to take change of negative situations in our lives & reverse them for the better.
I'm going to teach you how.

Dealing with life's circumstances lies within us. We hold the power to fulfilment. We only need to learn how to tap into its resources.

Our power lies within, as I have said. The greatest hindrance to spiritual & outward success lies within us. 

We are the creators of our destiny, our success or our doom. How we choose to live our lives determines our outcome. Negative produces negative. Positive actions & thoughts produce positive reactions. Being either positive or negative affects those around us plus the atmosphere around us. Have you ever been around someone who was always happy & their mood made you happy. Have you ever been around a person who was in a really bad mood & it made you feel uncomfortable & edgy, causing you to feel unhappy & maybe sad or angry? That's the energy coming off of them in the atmosphere & attaching itself to you. Not a good feeling. 

Peace draws peace. Love draws love. Negativity draws negativity. 

Deep inside ourselves, we hold the key.  If we are of a positive nature, full of love & out giving, it shows on our outside in our smile, our attitude, our manner & reflects to others. 

The same goes for those who are negative. We cannot give true open love & kindness if we are filled with bitterness, anger, hate, self indulgence, or any other negative action or reaction. 

We need to rid ourselves from these things before we can produce the good elements.

Every person possess' love deep inside. We are created from love, with love & by love. I'm not talking about the flesh necessarily. I'm talking about the real you, spirit. Everything we do in spirit is acted out through the flesh.  
We hate because we choose to hate. We love because we choose to love. 

Look deep inside yourself. Look at how you are inside. Is it who you want to be? 

If you believe in a Higher Power ask their assistance in rid yourself of all the negativity in your life. Be honest with yourself.  

You have to want to change. You need to long for the true you. The good you. The positive you. 

The goodness you possess is still there. The love you remember in your life is still there. It's simply buried beneath all that garbage that's covering it up. When you unload all that junk that's inside you, you'll find what you're looking for... love, peace, truth, joy. But we need to get rid of all the junk so that love & peace can start once again to show through.

Seek after the good things in life. reject the things which are dragging you down. You don't have to be that way. The power to change is inside you & only you. 

Determine that you want to be different as a person. Even if you don't believe in a Higher Power, ask anyway. Just because we choose not to believe doesn't mean They don't exist. 

Our disbelief is simply our own choice,. Our own rejection of an idea or belief. You just may be surprised at what might happen in your life. Be prepared to let go & really start to live again. Only you can start the transformation & only you can stop it. 

You hold the key, the power to your life. Ask everyday in earnest. Believe it will happen & watch the change start when you least expect it. 

  Giving thanks in a negative situation can literally change the outcome from what you expect. Sounds crazy doesn't it? Maybe so but there's a reason for all things in life. 

When negative things happen to us, we tend to deal with them in a negative way. We feel sorry for ourselves, get angry, emotionally hurt and so on. The things is, what we send out to the universe in thoughts, words, deeds, emotions at some point will return to us. 

If we are angry at someone, what does it do? The more you think about it, the more angry you get. If you are sad, you become even more sad because your natural reaction is sorrow, to feel sorry for yourself or hurting inside. 

Now, I' not saying it is easy because it all boils down to one thing, how badly we want to let go of the hurt, of the pain, of the sadness or anger. Some people actually enjoy the attention & therefore live to feel sorry for themselves. Not a healthy way to be. Such a loss of life to live to make people feel sorry for you. 

When I was younger, I ended up having a conflict with a person who just didn't like me for some reason. I think we've all met those kind. He tried to start fights with me but I wanted nothing to do with that. It bothered me inside my spirit for along time until one day I had come to the end of my rope so they say.

 I decided that I wasn't going to hold onto the problem any longer. I asked in earnest for an answer to the problem & the answer came. I was told to pray for him.Yes, that's right. I thought the answer was so very wrong as that was the last thing I wanted to do for him. Something good for an enemy? Yeah, right. 

I did it. It was the hardest thing I ever did in my life. The abuse stopped. I never saw him again until years later when I went back to school. I was in math class one day & this young man turned around & asked me if I'd help him understand a question that we had on the subject. There I was, face to face with the same man who years before was at odds with me. I don't think he recognized me but I sure did him. Without saying a word I quietly helped him to understand what he needed. Not once was there any animosity between us that day. Kindness, honesty & helping another human being. 

Do I regret offering up prayers for him or helping him with his math? No I don't. If it hadn't been for that voice years before telling me what to do to resolve the problem we never would have become friends in that class.

Giving thanks in a bad situation isn't easy but the results can amaze you. I sent out positive thoughts, prayers, emotion & in return received back a new friend who once hated me. 

Life is in a circle. Whatever we send out one day will return to us in like manner. 

Just because someone else is in a bad mood doesn't mean we have to be. We have the power to change it in our lives if we'd only use it. 

Do you have enough food & a decent place to live? Are you & your children healthy? Do yo love each other? If so, when was the last time you said, " Thank you" for your blessings. The more you give thanks, the more blessings will come your way. 

Most of us tend to complain about what we don't have instead of being thankful for what they have. This is the reason why they don't have certain things. Instead of being thankful, they send out negative thoughts & words. We can't expect positive things to come our way if we are negative.

Be thankful. Learn to be thankful. It may be hard but in time it will be so easy to be thankful. If you desire something for your life, ask for it, giving thanks for that item, that person or whatever it may be even before you receive it. In this way, you are sending out positive energies to the universe with your request. What will you get in return? Positive results that's what. 

The solutions to our lives were already in place even before we were born. They have been waiting for us to go after them. If there is a lack of anything in your life, it is probably because you haven't done your part. You have failed to ask believing & to be thankful for what you're asking for. Don't take it for granted if you really want something or you'll never get it. 

If what you want doesn't come when you think it should, don't panic. All things come into our lives at the right time. All things are timed for our lives & appear in their proper place & time as they should.  

When you ask for your blessing, you are reaching out as a child would to a parent. You are expecting what you ask for to be granted to you. Don't get carried away with greed and ask for things that make no sense. Be realistic & ask for what you need or if you want something nice then ask for it. 

Practice daily. Envision your desire. Even in a bad situation, envision that problem in a good light. See it in the light you want it to become not what it is now. Believe in your spirit that it will change for what you want & give thanks for it happening. The key to receiving is through being thankful.


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