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Healing Power... How To Utilize It

                                                                      What is healing power? 

The power to heal ourselves or someone else is not new, nor is the power to perform it.

I am a healer and have verified testimonials from many both here & in Europe.
What we draw to ourselves we receive whether positive or negative. In this case it's positive. 

The power to perform healings or any other kind of supernatural element for our bodies, mind or spirit comes from within & without. I'll explain.

The ultimate power for anything we do spiritually comes from without... a Higher Power, God if you will, who imparts to us the ability to perform these acts.

We become the extensions of love & life. Always direct your positive energies toward what you desire.

One thing that people don't seem to understand is we are spirits living within these temporal earthly bodies. Does that sound strange to you? Well, maybe but the greatest teachers and religions have always taught the same thing but in different terms.

You may well say, " Not my religion. We teach we have a body and a soul." Fine & dandy. No problems there. The fact is, we don't have a soul, a spirit, a pneuma which is Greek for spirit, soul or alive. We are the pneuma, the spirit residing inside these temporal bodies until death. There is no actual place in any writings that say we have a soul. The teachings say we are a soul, spirit, pneuma. Check it out.

OK! Teachings dictate that when we die we go to another realm such as Heaven as some call it, Summer land or by some other name. If we are not spirits inside these flesh & blood bodies then how can we go anywhere? 
The body dies. We move on. Not some random being, but us. By teachings, we go to Heaven or where ever we understand that we go. This place is a spirit realm so then we must be spirits who travel there. Understand?

Now, back to our topic.

When we were born in this body we came here with gifts that we brought with us from the spirit realm to guide us, help us, teach us & empower us in this life. We were not just created in the spirit sense as spirit beings are eternal. Flesh, bone & blood bodies are temporal. We entered the body when we were still inside the womb to bring life to that body. When we die we leave that same body & it is simply cast off like a shell.

We did not come here helpless & hopeless. We came with the ability to do wondrous things and create our life in the way it is supposed to be.

This is why so often things happen in our lives and we sit back & wonder, " How did I do that?" "Was that me?" Or say things like, " I didn't know I could do that." 

The reason that we just shocked ourselves with that bit of power is society dictates that we are but flesh without a purpose. They have lost sight of the reality of who we really are. 

You were able to use that energy because it is YOU. It came from within you & manifested itself through you to the outside. Didn't know you could do weird things like that, did you?

We are not hopeless lumps of flesh. Instead we came from a realm of love, entered into a flesh & blood body for a time & came with the ability to do more than you can ever imagine. 
Don't believe me? 

Energy is within us. We are energy. We came from energy, living energy. 

Call the one who you worship by any name you want but the bottom line is, they are energy, living energy. If we are created in the image of the Being (s) who gave us life in spirit then they would have to be energy also to have power to create. 

 Energy is a creative power or destructive depending on how you use it. Energy is alive. Science tells us that everything is or contains energy, even us.

When I ask the Higher Powers to perform a healing on someone I usually place my right hand on the person or affected area. Some people use their left hand which is closest to the heart. For myself, I feel more energy emitting from my right side than my left. It is what we call our "power hand."

I have also done this by simply concentrating my thoughts, my mind on the affected area(s). I mentally tune in my thoughts & energies to the place, condition or damaged areas that need healing. Once this is in alignment with the bad area I mentally command the sickness to leave the person's body, envisioning it leaving & drawing itself out from them. Never will I command a sickness to lift itself out loud. The person whom is seeking never ever knows what I am doing or saying within my spirit. This way they can't claim something happening for the better just because I spoke words over them.

People have remarked that they felt electricity or heat flowing while I do this procedure. It is NOT ME performing this act. I give all credit and thanks to the Great Healer for any & all healings. I also make sure the person being healed understands that I am not the healer, but the vessel which is being used for their healing.

As soon as the healing takes place, I feel the flowing energy stop at the end of my fingers. When I realise the flow has stopped I know the healing has taken place. 

As I said, many verifications exist to the effectiveness of this. Most times I won't say a word when I realise the healing is done. I'll just sit or stand there allowing the person to in their own time speak.

What I usually get is a look of bewilderment as they realise that something has taken place within their body, something wonderful.

Humbleness, thanksgiving are key ingredients to being able to perform acts of love. This is truly an act of love. True love always is proven through actions.

Believe that what you're asking for is going to take place. Believe with all your heart, mind & spirit. Concentrate only on what you are about to do & ask for. Allow nothing nor anyone to sway you or distract you from your mission.

You must be one with this in every detail or the energy cannot flow through.

Negative thoughts or emotions have no place & will block the flow of energy. Concentration, showing & feeling love through your actions, faith, belief, humbleness, thanksgiving are all part of the key to success for yourself or someone else. 

We cannot be negative & expect positive results.

I have seen times when someone would contact me from Europe asking for help. They didn't know what I was doing here at the time of this ritual nor did I tell them. I'm seven thousand miles away from where they are. What I do know is they shortly after contacted me again telling me of feeling this energy flowing through them & something wonderful transpiring in their body.  I had never told them what to expect from the answer to their request.

Don't keep your eyes on the condition but rather concentrate on the coming healing. If we transmit energy & thought on the sickness which is negative, then we are adding more negativity to the situation. The answer is only positive thoughts such as the healing of the person. Only that.

Silently ask your Higher Power to heal the person. Keep asking and giving thanks for the healing whether it comes in an instant or an hour. Don't give up. All things come around in their own time. 

It's as simple as that.  Remember, I am NOT unique in any way. We all came here with various gifts for this life. We just have to understand who we really are, that we are spiritual and that we are able to do more for ourselves & others than we can ever imagine. It's called " Love."

Remember, what we do in this life, whether positive or negative affects & reflects on us in this life & the next. 



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