Friday, 14 December 2012

Living What We Teach

In this day & age we tend to look at the outward appearance of others & life's situations instead of accepting those who come across our path in life as they are. Sad to say we don't always react in the proper way as we should, nor do we see things in their proper perspective. Our insight can be very limited.
No matter how we view events or people that cross our paths, whether they be family, friends or complete strangers, they all have an impact on us. Sometimes in a dramatic way.
How do we see those people? Do we accept them for who they are as fellow human beings or do we tend to shun them because they may be of a different color, belief or look different than we do?
I have always taught my children to not tell someone they love them unless they are willing to prove it by their actions towards them.
Society has traded off proven love with substitutes that mimic the real thing. We, as individuals need to show more love in action to others we come across.
I realise this type of article is not the usual norm for our group, but I also feel that sometimes we need that nudge to reaffirm ourselves to our standards & beliefs. What we do on the outside toward others reveals what is in our heart, how we really feel. The same holds true with those of us who, although we may have similar teachings that we live by, may not be exactly the same as others see things. This can & has presented unforetold problems & even cost friendships & family because we simply didn't live & let live according to ones conscience.
So that everyone knows I'm not just preaching a sermon. I try to look at people with my own life with that look of, " Yes, we may be different. Maybe we do have other ways of doing things, but we can always learn from each other. " We are a peaceful people & that is what our example should be.

We are all part of the family of life. We are all interconnected & deep down inside, we are no different than the next person in a lot of ways.
We need to look at others with a look of how we would want to be seen.

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