Friday, 14 December 2012

Healing .... What Is It. Part 2


Thanks for joining us again in this second half of this teaching on healing.
As I have said, healing depends not only on the healers participation but also on the willingness of the person who needs the touch.

I remember a family member years ago who received a touch that instantly flooded them with healing power. I had just met them & they were telling me about falling out of their step leading out if the house & seriously hurting their arm. They were in the 70's & ice had formed on the cement step. Their arm was indeed damaged & they were in severe pain, not being able to move it at the elbow. They were immobilized by it. I listened & had never before even thought of healings as one of the gifts, let alone mine. It was aways someone else who did such things.

We were about to leave when I was spoken to. Not by a human voice but spiritual who said... "Touch her." "What?" The voice repeated the command. "Touch her." I had a lot to learn back then & I was about to get my first lesson not only in obedience but in healing on a personal level.

I told another family member what had just happened & asked if they thought she would mind if I touched her. Boy, was I green. I also found out that because your elderly doesn't mean you' re hard of hearing. I was more than a bit embarrassed when she spoke up & said.. "No, I wouldn't mind if you touched me." That did it.

I also thought the lady would think I was nuts if I told her what I was told to do. Remember, I had just met her. It turned out that she also understood & accepted the teachings of total healing, obviously long before I was born.

I very gentle laid my right hand on her... my power hand. I closed my eyes & did what I had to do & then.... I opened my eyes & was preparing to go. I don't know what I was expecting as I had never done this before as I said.

CRACK! The sound startled everyone in the house. I had no idea as to what was happening. She started moving her injured arm like nothing had ever happened to it. The pain was instantly gone. The swelling wasn't there. The arm was as limp & usable as it was before & tears welled up in her eyes.

"The pain is gone. I can move it . Before I couldn't even move my arm. It hurt so bad. "

It was like a huge stick had been snapped in two when we heard the sound from her elbow. Like something had been moved back into place. That cracking sound. So loud. So distinct. I will never forget it, & I know she didn't either. For years later, until she crossed over she would oft times retell the story of what happened that night.

She needed help. I heard the command as clearly as if you & I were talking face to face & I obeyed. The result.. no more pain or agony. A dear close new family member who I love very dearly as she also showed her love in actions to me over the years. The Creators blessings on her.
"I love you, Grandma."

What a way to meet new family members.

If I'm wrong, if I'm nuts with what I teach, how come it works in my life, in the lives of others.
We are such a cynical society without faith in anything or anyone except the physical.

People have asked me, "Why are some people not healed." That's a good question. There is such a variety of answers depending on the circumstances around any given situation. I have touched people who weren't healed. They had brought about certain diseases by their own doing & no matter how much I may have wanted to help, it wasn't granted. Some things are best left with those who control life on the whole.

Sometimes it wasn't as they say... in the cards. Other times, they weren't ready to receive their healing. They needed to get to the bottom & really want to, really be ready to ask & receive it.
It is very rare that I have met a person who at least didn't acknowledge some kind of result. A warm flowing feeling going from their head to their feet & out. Or icy feelings of cold flowing through them when Id touch them. Many times I have heard so many say that they'd feel electricity flowing through them when I'd lay my hand on them or even when they hugged me. Tingling, flowing all through their body.

When a healing takes place I myself can't feel these tinglings but rather energy flowing in me & around me. I can always tell though when a healing has taken place by the energy flowing through my hand & it will stop after it leaves my fingers. Then I know it's finished. Sounds weird. Wait till you have it happen to you.

Unless a person is ready in their spirit to have such things happen they will never be ready.

Years ago, when I was small, & believe me that was a lot of years ago, I cried inside myself, yearning to know why I was , who I was & why I was here. There was an emptiness inside that hurt & it wouldn't go away.

I carried this in my spirit never finding the answers, until one day I asked that I be made into whatever & whoever I was supposed to be. WOW ! It started slowly & as time went on it grew more & more. My eyes were opened to new things. My mind suddenly was filled with things that seemed foreign to me but I knew were shaping my life for whatever reason.

My understanding opened to things I had never dreamed of. Spiritual insights stood out to me like never before & kept going & I realized I was seeing the answer to my request. The answer to my life as to the "whys" of it all. That experience has never left me. I still to this day have those very same things going on & I'm at such peace within myself. This can also be yours. I'm not special. I'm just a human being as you are.

The only difference is, I had come to the bottom. I had reached my limit, even though I was only a teenager & reached out for the answer & it came, & it can for you too.

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