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Healing... What Is It? Part 1


Healing comes to us by a variety of means, whether it be by physicians, healers, medicines, herbal remedies, spiritual means or any other means of bringing about that process that causes us as humans to recover from whatever is effecting us in a negative way.

We are not alone in our quest for health, long life & peace of mind. Total healing is something that most of the human race knows very little about & in some cases absolutely nothing. Total healing affects not only the body but every part of our essence. We, as humans live in a world of toil & turmoil that we scarcely seem to be able to acknowledge anything other than what is before us, whether it is something happening in our own lives, our families or dictated to us through a variety of means by business & society as a whole. Our lives are controlled by either something or someone else & this is where stress gets a foot hold, taking control & wearing us down until sickness, disease & even death take over.

We are a brainwashed society whether it is gossip, advertising, promotion, job related issues, family related issues or any thing that contributes to how we think, what we do & how we act. We are no longer individuals who can think for ourselves, live for ourselves & be happy with ourselves, knowing who we really are as a person. Suicide rates are surmountable across the world. Emotional break downs are on the rise. Family break ups are on the rampage. Society is falling apart because they have either forgotten or never learned the one thing that holds us together... working together in love & making life work for us as we allow it to.
Our selfishness & self centred attitudes have destroyed us on the whole.

The one thing I have learned in life is to know who I am as a person. It took me many years of searching & learning the hard way but learned I did & I have never looked back. I'm at peace now because I now know who I am. Can you say that?

The healing process is a two fold thing. Our surroundings & circumstances contribute enormously to what goes on inside us as to anything good or negative. We may not always have full control over things happening in our lives, but we can through practise & learning new ways of dealing with ourselves find life doesn't have to stay in the hectic mode & we don't have to stay stressed out.

Each of us has the ability, the power if you will to bring about healing within ourselves. Know it or not, you were born with it. Each of us has the ability to cause circumstances to change in our lives, not just physically, but emotionally also.

You probably think I'm off my rocker here, but please hear me out. If you look at circumstances that we go through in our lives, we can either directly or indirectly trace them to some respect back to ourselves. Now, I'm not saying that all negative things that happen to us are always our fault. Heaven forbid. What I am saying is there is in most cases a link that brings about circumstances & sometimes our emotions, our drawings & desires bring about those circumstances that we often end up finding out have negative effects on our lives. We can actually draw negative events into our lives if we allow them to become reality. Get the picture?

But, what about those things that just impose themselves on us without us having a say in the matter? Good question. I agree. There are times when we are not the ones who place certain circumstances in our paths. We simply find ourselves in the wrong circumstance & there is no right time. You see, it all depends not so much on our circumstance as to how we react or whether we fall or not but to how we view it, how we accept or reject it & if necessary, how & what we do about it to make our lives better.

You don't have to allow circumstances to rule your life. You do not have to be a slave to your negative thoughts nor past experiences even. It is possible to be healed from even those thoughts that maybe hound you from the past. You may never forget them, but healing from within can bring about a change in you that makes it easier to deal with whatever comes along.

I'm sure you have a lot of questions & I'll gladly answer them for you. If you're wondering if this is some new age idea or some far fetched religion trying to convert people, you can relax. Our teachings are as old as the Earth herself. As old as time. The problem is, we have forgotten the basics of living. The very basics that we are instilled with from time & eternity.
I think to better understand how it works, how our lives should be deserves an explanation as what we teach.

We have always had the understanding that there is a higher power who created & guides the universe & all that is therein. The basis. We also have understood that according to teachings, we are not just here, die & that's it. We according to some, have a soul that is in the image of the One who created all things according to our beliefs. The problem is, religion has had it backwards for such a long time. They teach that we live here & die, while our soul moves on to the next world... heaven or whatever we wish to call it.

In reality, if we accept the teachings that there is a spiritual side to us, then by definition we do not have a soul... we are a spirit, soul if you will living inside these temporal bodies. It is not our soul who leaves the body at death & moves on. It is us. Let me explain. If we are made in the image of a higher being, then we, ourselves are spirit inside these flesh & blood bodies. We are like the turtle. We see a turtle. The shell is not the turtle. It is the house in which the turtle lives. The same is true of us. We live in these bodies as such until we cross over, until it is our time to leave them behind for a better life. Understand?

There are some folk who believe that this is all there is & that is fine. It's their belief & we have no right to judge them anymore than they do with us.

As spirits living in these temporal bodies, we have also been given special gifts that we have brought with us from the beginning. The reason we oft times don't understand our gifts or realise them is simply because of conditioning in a lot of cases. Society conditions us as to what they want us to think, how we are supposed to act, what we are supposed to believe & so on & so forth.
Why should we? Are we puppets with only one purpose in life, to obey without question the decision of the masses or are we individuals who have the right to make our own choices, live as we want to live & believe what we choose to believe? The choice is ours.

Healing in all respects comes from within, us, the spirit. If we are emotionally distraught our minds are effected but also us, our spirit is in poor condition. I have dealt with many who have come to me lost in their own world of confusion, heart break, sadness, emotional & yes, physical pain for help. Healing 101 on the way.

I have sat with them, cried with them, laughed with them & prayed with them & saw with them the miracles if you will in their life as it changed them from what they were inside themselves to what they were becoming. The healing touch will work, will last, will continue in their lives as long as they choose to allow it to work.

" Can you stop the healing touch?" Yes. A person can stop what has begun by refusing to allow it to work, to transform them & their lives into the beautiful creation they were intended to be. It is within their power to not only open the door to healing but to also close it destroying everything that has started to work within them. Sad.

I myself have seen times when I'd get a phone call from someone who needed a special touch or someone whom I was talking to on the Internet & they would need a healing. Ah ha, a point of contact. Simply saying, I had a point from which to begin by the phone or the computer.

"But, you can't heal over a machine." Who says so? It is a point of contact between that person & myself. A point that allows us to be together even when we are many miles apart. The one person who was on line was 7,000 miles away in Europe. I did what I needed to do from my end. They responded & the healing took place. I have seen the same thing happen with using a letter or a picture as a point of contact.

Understand one thing. We are all born with gifts, but, our gifts are not our own to do with as we please. We are spiritual, therefore, our gifts whether they be healing or any other special gifts are spiritual. They belong to the Creator. The Great Spirit who is all power. I am but the vessel, if you will who allows the power, the healing energy to flow through me.

I know, you may say, " But, only Christians or some other religion can perform such acts." Who said so? I don't remember anything about only certain people being selected for spiritual work to do because of their religion. Interesting that so many get the mistaken ideas that a higher power has a religion. Since when? Religion is man made, not God made. Real energy, real power is spiritual from a higher spiritual being, not man made. Get it. If more religions paid more attention to the spiritual aspect of their teachings, then they would see more positive results instead of concentrating on who's right & forgetting that true love by our actions is what it's all about.

We are so absorbed that we think we are the only ones who are right & that The Higher Power honours only them. Pride & egotism at its best. We need to find ourselves, forget ourselves as far as thinking we are the chosen ones & allow true transformation & love to full fill itself in us & through us.

I know some religious people out there are going to say, " He is of the devil" & such absurd statements as that. Please, give me a break. If I was as you say would I be promoting a teaching of true love & healing done by your God? Think about it. Get your facts straight & then log back on.
How can a servant of your so called devil promote good works or even want to for that matter?

In case some of you were wondering if this is religion, no it's not. I do not practise religion as society teaches. I have my own understanding, my own beliefs that I'm comfortable with. We all contain a certain amount of truth.Now, back to healing.

If we hold onto our sickness, our negative thoughts or emotions we can never be healed. We need to allow ourselves healing. As I said, it's within our power to accept or reject. When we accept unconditionally & really want a change then & only then will we see good things happen. We need to want our healings with every part of our body, mind & spirit before we can even consider asking for a touch to cleanse us, to heal us, to make us whole again. This is not a fly by night teaching. It is real & the results are real if we allow them to happen in our lives. I can't emphasise that enough. The choice is totally ours. The very basis of healing in totality is .... LOVE. Pure, unadulterated, cleansing love with no strings, no conditions, & no selfish desires on the part of the healer.

Pretty simple isn't it? As humans, we tend to complicate life & everything about it, when in reality, it's so simple that even a child can understand it & live by it in their lives. Adults tend to miss the mark because we have forgotten how to be childlike. I didn't say childish, although some are i guess, but childlike in our lives, our love & our spirit - us.

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