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Bringing Your Loved Ones Closer Together


Love in action. Such a simple phase & yet, in reality, it's so easy to do.
In this article, We're going to talk about various ways to bring you & your loved ones closer together by simple heart to heart actions on each of your parts. Remember, love is a two way street. Is there such a thing? Of course there is.

I want you to right now stop & take a good look at yourself deep inside. Have you ever really looked at who you are. I don't mean whether you are a good or bad person. I'm talking about deep inside. Your talents, your gifts. Confused yet? Hang in there. It gets better.

I'm sure we've all noticed just how greed plays a major role in society, which in turn urges us to be just like them. We have become too accustomed to how society wants us to think that just maybe we have never looked at the simpler & yet, more meaningful side of life. Ask yourself this question. " What do I do from my heart for my family"? Interesting question. Maybe an interesting answer also.

We all go about our daily routine of caring for our families as we should & that's good. We do this for two or maybe more reasons. First, we love our family & it's our desire to do our very best for them. Secondly, it's our duty as parents to do the very best we can for our families.

Let's take it a step further. One thing that works in our lives in the simple things that we do, that we make for each other. OK. Maybe this doesn't sound like much but believe me, it will make a major impact on each & every one of you.

When I was younger, I always dreamed of having the holidays as it used to be way back when. By this I mean, it was simple, uncomplicated, meaningful & full of love because what we did came from the heart.

Gifts were made by the giver over the year & carefully stored away until the time was right. Love went into each & every piece that was created, be it  birthdays, anniversaries or whatever was being celebrated. Get the picture?

Maybe you're thinking.. "You cheap *&?>+% . " Now, that's not very nice. Cheapness has nothing to do with it. You can spend all the money in the world & will there be real appreciation? Not likely. Big business tells us that we have to buy, buy, buy. Good for big business, but who's running your life, you or big business?

I have made different things that were simple, honest, lovingly crafted with the only thought in mind of the person I was making the item for. I have watched so many times & saw the look of surprise, the look of love, the look of joy & heard also so many times, " You made this for me?" Get it?

I just finished making a small wooden box for my 14 year old daughter that I decorated with lots of gold flecks, her name & filled with tons of candy, some money for her to spend, homemade jewellery that we make & little goodies like that. She instantly fell in love with it, not so much because of any special way it was made nor professionalism but because Daddy had made that little treasure chest for her. She cherishes it because she knows I made it for her from my heart, from my spirit to hers. It was made with love in mind, not bought with money.

I'm not the most talented person in the world, but when you get an idea, when you decide within yourself that you are going to create something special for your loved one, no matter how simple, then as you go, everything falls into place. You do not struggle. You don't see it as a chore because you are doing it for the sake of  love. 

Someone I know loves to give a very special gift to those she loves. She makes cards to give to the special person which has a list of different things she plans to do for that person over the coming year as a special token of her love for them. It is one of the most selfless gifts that yield great results in actions of love.

It's so simple to do. Just pick that special person. Think of what you can do for them to help them once in a while. Then, make sure you keep a copy of the card so that you can remember what you're promises are to them. Do it & you'll see wonderful results in your life & theirs also.
Why not give it a try?

Simplicity is the key to living a more full filled life. One where love & life go hand in hand. One where you hold the reigns of your life in your hands.

Years ago I used to knit scarves for the children who live in the Northwest Territories here in Canada. Believe me, it can get so very cold there. I had arranged through a charitable organisation for them to be flown up to the villages for the children & distributed free of charge. The organisation also covered shipping costs as they had a pilot who flew up there.
That was such a long time ago & I guess that maybe a lot of them still have those scarves or passed them on to their children to help keep them warm. A small act. Yes. I simply bought the yarn & during the year knitted during my spare time. Of yeah.. I'm a guy, so don't get the idea that it can't be done.

Was I a sissy for knitting those scarves? Hm! If that makes me a sissy for helping little children stay warm, well then, I guess I am, but I'd do it again. I've even knitted scarves for my children which they still have & wear.

Next year we fully intend to make all the gifts ourselves. Love in action. Check it out.

Maybe, creating a special dinner for your special someone, just the two of you.
Taking a moment, each & everyday to stop what you're doing & hold each other, hug each other & opening tell each other that you love that person & mean it. Let them see the honesty in your eyes, in your spirit, in your words. Kinda reminds you of when you were dating doesn't it? I'm talking to you guys too you know. It still takes two.

Maybe you're saying," But, I don't have the time to do all that." What? You don't have the time to hold someone & tell them you really love them? OK! Do you have the time for a broken relationship that could have been avoided? Maybe you need to stop, take a look around & see what's really important.

Two of the greatest causes of relationship break ups are failing to communicate & failing to express your love for each other in meaningful ways. Think about it. Not only does it bring you & your partner closer together, but it will also serve as a positive example to your children, to your grand children that this is how love is supposed to be.

Show your love by your example to others. Now, I'm not recommending this to anyone as I know that situations can be tricky. I'm just recalling a situation that I happened to be involved with years ago.

One night, I had been out late & decided to stop at a coffee shop for a break on my way home. I sat at the counter with my coffee in front of me. Next to me was an old man who was so drunk he couldn't hold his head up. The owner obviously wanted him out of the establishment & I helped him outside. I made some calls around town & found out that he had been in a rehab house but wasn't allowed back there as his had broken the rules by drinking.

He straightened up & through the rehab house & myself got him an apartment where he wouldn't be on the street. I found out months later that he had once again fallen off the wagon & lost the apartment. The superintendent found 12 empty after shave bottles on his living room floor.

Through the same rehab centre we got him help & he ended up in an seniors home so that he could be taken care of. He had finally stopped drinking for good. He once told me that no one cared for him & that was why he drank. We became great friends & I visited him often at the home until he passed away from old age. Such a beautiful man when he wasn't drinking. All because someone took the time to care. Love in action.

Do you have the time or desire to do something small for another person? Maybe you know someone who could use a few more groceries or a family who could use those clothes that might fit a child. You'll never know until you try. What a shining example you will be to them, to your family & to whomever you meet.

If each member of your family sat down & thought about just one thing they could do for each other or someone else, just think what a difference they could make with just that one act of love.

So, do I assume that this is so out of place with what you do now or what you have been programmed to do? Probably yes. Are you ready to make your life & the lives of others better one step at a time? It's your choice. Be that example to others.

We have met so many people who are tired of their old ways of life & are looking for a better way. Well, they are accepting these action teachings left & right. The time has come to disregard the old, useless ways of "I" & start recreating a brand new path of " Us." Working together with each other, for each other creates us & them into the kind of people we are supposed to be. One small act of love in action per day adds up to 365 acts of love per year. Think about it, then make it a reality.

I firmly believe in what's called Three Fold Return. In other words, what goes around, comes around. If we portray good toward others, then in its own time good will return to us when we need it. If we fail to do good & portray negative actions against others, then this too will in time return to us. Life is in a circle with so many options to do good & show our love through our actions. Why not take it? It's your love in action. Why not spread it around?

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