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Ridding Ones Self Of Negativity


Emotions whether positive or negative lie deep inside us, our spirit. When we are filled with so much negativity we cannot fully feel the love that is within us.
We are loving beings, designed this way. We are not creatures of hatred, anger beyond control, or resentment. We are initially free spirits in the sense of love, goodness, kindness, hope & faith. Just as we were when we first came here in this world as babies, innocent, but full of love & goodness.

Time, life, circumstances tend to shape us, to make us into what we become if we allow them to, to create us into beings that we were never intended to become.
The love we once felt, the kindness & goodness we once experienced is still there even though it doesn't seem like it. We may be struck down by stress, negative thoughts & emotions but when you understand the full spectrum of how we are, how we are created, you will see that we did not loose that love, that oneness.
It's still there inside you, deep inside.

Understanding ourselves is the first step to loosing all that we want to rid ourselves of. The power to loose it & control it from coming back lies deep inside us, not someone else but us. When we first came here, we came not empty handed but equipped with a myriad of gifts, talents, powers to create ourselves & make us into the right person that we want to be & should be. The keys to making ourselves into the kind of person we want to be is in our hands. We only need the willingness, the direction & the desire to turn that key so that we can take that very important first step to where we belong.

If you're sitting there looking at yourself, thinking that I may be so very wrong in what I'm saying consider this. What made you this way? What turned you from whom you were to what you are today?

Was it something that went wrong in your life? Was it a person or was it simply that you either lost sight of yourself as a kind being or did you never find out who you are inside? Seeing ourselves on the outside is one thing. Understanding & knowing ourselves on the inside is quite another.

The answer lies as I said, deep within ourselves. We are created physical & spiritual. Two-fold in this respect. You can read all the books you want, attend appointments for the rest of your life to help find yourself, but until you get rid of all that unwanted emotion, the hurt, the anger, the bitterness, you will never find yourself.

You will never be totally free to live your life free from your inner self of negativity. Therapy has its purpose, but you will never deeply be satisfied as to knowing yourself until you are able to reach way down, deep inside & discover your true self. Only then will you be satisfied.
Only then will you have true peace.

Take a minute & look at yourself. Do you like who you are? Is this the person you want to be for the rest of your life? It's your choice. Your life.
We hold the keys to unlocking that which we need, whether it is healing in whatever form, stress relief, anger , hurt, or whatever. If we are displaying anything that is not as it should be & we know it, then we are in that sense out of control, otherwise we would be whole in spirit.
What we are like in the spiritual reflects in our physical & vise versa. How we are spiritually determines our physical well being in a lot of cases. How we are spiritually determines how we are emotionally. Get the picture?

Our very existence depends on how we are spiritually. We are spiritual first, physical second. Not the other way around. We came here spiritually first to enter a physical body. We came from a spiritual realm, a spiritual world to the physical. We came from a place where it is inhabited by spirits. We came from & where sent by the Great Spirit. These are not just terms but literal. Spirit, spirits, spirit guides, spirit helpers, Great Spirit, spirit realm, Spirit world. Spiritual development depends on our building ourselves up spiritually.

We concentrate too much on the physical & neglect our first & foremost form, us in the spirit. We where created in the physical for this time & place. Us, spirit have been around since the time of creation. We where first created spirit, by Spirits, in a spirit realm.

If I see you as a violent individual or maybe quite the opposite, as a person who is outgoing, caring & showing love by your actions to yourself & others, then this is exactly how you are both on the outside form & as a spirit.

For those of you who understand the spiritual realm, have you ever wondered as to why there are those who have crossed over who are violent, unsettled, angry all the time?
This is one reason. This is probably how they were when they occupied their physical bodies. The same goes for those who are of the caring nature.
We cannot change who we are unless we do it on this side of life.

When we rid ourselves of the unwanted energies, thoughts, emotions or fears, we need to go a step further. Once that which is unwanted leaves, there is a void, an vacuum.
That spot has to to be filled with something to replace that which was taken away. If we don't want that which is negative then we obviously want that which is right. This is now what you need to seek to replace the void.

Talk to your Creator, your guides, your helpers & ask them quite literally to fill you with that which will build you up, make you into the kind of person you really want to be.
A loving, gracious person who has a heart full of love. Turn your eyes away from circumstances that hinder. Turn away as best you can from people who are negative, not only in situations but also in your life in general.

They're dragging you down. destroying you with their negativity if you let them. Hindering you from living life to the fullest. Hindering you from being whole. From being at peace within yourself. Hindering you from ever becoming that special person you so desperately want to be. That nagging deep inside will never go away until you do that which you know is right. Not until you take that first step to healing yourself from all those negative things that are causing you to loose out.

When you take that first step, your cry for deliverance will be heard. Your guides, helpers will attend to your needs. Once you have initially taken that step, your healing will begin. But, you say, " I'm not sick." There are many ways to being sick. You are sick in spirit & deep inside you know it or you wouldn't be considering taking that step to make your life fuller, more complete. If you allow the healing to take place you will see yourself change in so many ways. Your attitude will change. you response to life & others will change. You will not only see but feel such a difference in yourself & you will wonder why you hadn't done this before. You missed out on so much.

So much to recover & you will if you are willing to learn, to apply the teachings to your life. Your fulfillment awaits you. The peace you seek awaits you & it's all FREE. It all depends & starts with one thing..... YOU.

Do you have bitterness, hurt, anger, mixed up emotions inside? Are you so confused as to which way life is taking you? Do you want life to make more sense to you?
The answer lies within you. The healing for all this & more lies underneath all that garbage that is causing those negative thoughts or emotions. Once you get those out, you will see what is real, what really counts for your life. your desire to become as you always knew you wanted to be will grow. It will multiply as you allow it. The only person who can start & stop the healing process is YOU.

The power is in your hands. The ability to make it happen is also in your hands. No one else can do this for you. It has to be you to make that first step. It has to be you to allow the healing powers, the healers to remove the unwanted & awaken that which is supposed to be first & foremost in your life. Did you know it was always there? It was. It was just covered up by everything else.

We are beings of love, created of love, by love & through love. We bring with us that love from the other realm when we are born. All encompassing love cannot die. It never died in you. It may seem like it did but in reality it was there all the time. You & life simply covered it up, neglected it & allowed love to be hidden way down inside you.
That which is eternal knows no death. If we can deny this love which we are apart of then we can activate it again by freeing it through getting the unwanted out of it's place in your life. You were created to love, to be full filled, to be spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically whole.

I can guide you but I can't do it for you. The more we work at anything, the stronger it becomes in us. When life throws us a curb or someone or something causes us to have a negative reaction that we allow to fester maybe into hated or bitterness, they are by our own willingness what shapes us into who we are today. The same goes for freedom from these things. When we allow the good to grow in us, destroying the bad, goodness, truth & love flourishes. It literally becomes part of us again encompassing our lives, full filling our lives, recreating us into a more satisfying life.

People who are of a negative nature are so easy to spot. They wreaked of negativity. You can pick them out of a crowd with no problem. The reason? They are not at peace within themselves. Just as the rose has the scent of sweetness & beauty, the decaying flesh of a carcass also has its own scent. We know them by their walk, their smell of spiritual decay, their talk, their very essence. You can pick up such negativity from these people. When you do, run as fast as you can away from them.

Get out of the range of their negativity. It can & will invade you if you are in their presence too long. Just as you linger in the presence of someone who is good hearted, loving, it also invades you. You remark how loving & sweet they are long after they have left. So it is with the negative. It lingers as a stench. It is marked in your memory, your essence, your spirit. You know them because they have the wrong spirit. Avoid anyone or anything that will tear you down.

Many things we take for granted also tear us down. Lying, cheating, gossip, trouble making, holding a grudge, hateful words or talk. These are all destroyers of us physically & spiritually. We will never grow spiritually if we allow these things & more to be part of our life. These are the subtle things in life that seem so harmless but do the most damage. Once again, it's up to us to make the change. These are all negative things that are rooted deep inside us. Do we want them there knowing just how damaging they can be? It all depends on whether we really want to be free & have that fullness in life or do we just want to continue to decay in our spirit?

I know many of you may take offence to what I am saying. That's alright with me. If you take offence that tells me that you harbor these same things in your life & these truths go against the way you are. This is the only reason you would have such a negative reaction to a message of peace & love. If you were full filled, if you were seeking with an open heart, an open mind & an open spirit you would not have such a reaction, but would be willing to at least read on without being judgemental.
Even if you never agreed, you would not be hostile to teachings of peace unless you were without peace in your own life. Change, even change for the better can be disturbing.

We become accustomed to the way we are. It becomes second nature to us. We know no other way. It becomes natural for us to do that which is negative & we become blinded to its reality. We believe & strongly support & defend our ways knowing if we allow any changes in us we loose that which is so much a part of us. A way that is who we now are.

But, isn't that a good thing? Isn't something better more desireable? We need to get past that blind spot in our lives to see that which is really truth.
There is an old saying that says, "Truth will set you free." This is truth within itself. The other side of the coin is, it can only set you free if we allow it to work in our lives.

You have to want your life to change with every atom of your being before you are able to start the process of change. That's the most important step.
It needs to be your very breath in that it is the most desireable thing you want at that time. When you reach that point in your life you will be ready for the transformation to begin.
Speak to your guides. acknowledge their reality, their existence. It doesn't matter whether you have never felt their presence nor heard their voice. They were always there for you. It was you who failed to ask for help.

Asking is the next step you need to take. It may sound crazy to you but what do you have to loose but a wrong spirit, a wrong attitude & a wrong way of life. What do you have to gain? A right spirit, a right & positive way to live, a real sense of value that will transform you into the kind of person you are supposed to be plus inner healing that you need. Now, is that so bad?

Be willing to change some things in your life.
When things start to change for the better in your life, you will see it. You will feel it. You will be able to know deep inside yourself that you are changing inside. You will notice that old things are starting to fall away while new ways of seeing things, new ways of your response to life are starting to take over.

Be amazed. Be grateful. Be happy that the change has started but whatever you do, don't stop it. Allow it to continue in your life. This is what's supposed to happen.
You wanted it. you asked for it & now it's beginning. You are receiving what you have asked for. Look deep inside & understand how you are changing even to the smallest degree.
The ability to transform yourself into the kind of person you want to be lies within your grasp. Reach out & grab it & never let it go.

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