Friday, 14 December 2012

Hidden Truths


It is not where we live that counts. It is not when we live that counts.
It doesn't matter how much or how little money we have.
It matters not whether we are liked or disliked by others.
It only matters how we choose to live.
How our spirit is, whether we are at peace or in inner turmoil that counts.
If we have real peace inside, we can go through life & face anything that comes along.
Never keep our eyes on the negative situations in life, but rather on what we are like inside.
Peace, love, forgiveness, truth, honesty, serenity, at peace with ourselves & others.
Never allow situations to bear you down.
Keep looking inside for the answers.
Keep looking to the heavens for truth & guidance.
All things are timed in our lives.
All things will come around in their own time as they should.
All answers will come about when it is the right time.
Then, you will know that all things work together for good in our lives.
Circumstances can only affect us as we allow them to.
If we live in fear, in worry, in doubt, then that is what we become.
If we learn to live in trust, in love, in truth, in hope & in peace, then this is what we become.
We have the choice & the power within us to live & choose who we become on the inside & outside.
What we are like on the inside, shows in our lives on the outside.
Nothing is hidden for long.
Sooner or later our true side, who we really are shows through to ourselves & to others around us.

How can we say, " What we have is ours to own?"
The things we have in this life are lent to us to use while we are here only.
Even the very breath we breath is not our own.
When death finally comes, even that is taken away.
We are but visiters here on this temporal plain.
No guarentees of even a tomorrow.

If there is no tolerance, then love cannot begin.
If there is no love, there is no unity between us.
If there is no unity between us, there is no peace.
If there is no peace in the world, there is no hope for humanity.

Without breath our bodies will die.
Without love our spirit will die.
Without a healthy spirit, all else produces negativity in our lives.

We are conditioned to think in complex terms, therefore, seeing everything in life as complex. We need to look deep inside ourselves at the simplicity of life, where the real power is. When we look inside ourselves & rid ourselves of all negativity, we find our true answers.

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