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Spirit Guides


Spirit guides are a big topic these days & for good reason. More & more people are finding that they are interested in a variety of topics that involve spirits. We are not alone in this world. Teachings that have existed for thousands of years that involve spirits, fairies, the occult, Native beliefs & practices, & the list goes on, are finally coming to light as a bonifide & legitimate set of beliefs.
Don't expect to win the world with your beliefs. As long as you are content, satisfied & at peace with yourself on who you are, what you accept as truth & practice it in action, your on the right track.

I met my spirit guide almost three years ago. It was a moment that caused an awakening for me in my spirit & transformed my understanding of the spirit realm & my life .
In our home, we have a large number of Aboriginal ornaments & artifacts. I remember as I would lay in bed, the sound of some of the statues & pieces being moved on a table I have in my bedroom. At first I thought that maybe a mouse had gotten in & was scurrying around. I finally realized that these items were being picked up as I could hear them very gently being set back in place. Have I spooked you yet? Don't be. Everything I am relaying here is true & for a point. This went on for a few days. If I turned on the light, it would always stop, but resume shortly after all was dark again. I experienced no fear what so ever when this was happening but a calm, peaceful presence.
My youngest daughter came to me a few days later, telling me about seeing a little Aboriginal girl in my room. With us being of Native decent, I knew that such things were possible & I had no doubts that she had indeed seen someone. I had her describe the girl to me.

About a week later, I had gone into a restaurant for a coffee. I was sitting relaxing when I happened to look out the window, as the table was against the outside of the building. Everything within me froze. Not with fear, but with wonderment & amazement at what I saw.

About in midair, I watched as an Aboriginal man, in his 30's, long, straight black hair, knelt on the ground, hands raised high in the air in honour of his Creator. He had no shirt on & I listened as I heard him cry & wail a chant that I knew came from the very depths of his heart. He was pouring out his soul in his prayers & honour. I was transfixed as I stared. I felt like an intruder, but I also knew that I was being given a special chance to not only watch a ceremony of honour but to see someone from the realm of the spirits from the past. In my spirit, I knew that he had lived on this earth more than a hundred years before. It was a realization that just appeared to my mind.
Somehow, I just had this knowledge from him. The realization has been brought to life since that time that his prayers were for me. I am truly honored.

The whole revelation lasted about five seconds, but within that time, I had seen a miracle, if you will, that a lot of people never get the chance to see.
I turned to the other person sitting at the table & stared. When I asked her if she saw what had just happened, she looked puzzled & said, she hadn't seen anything.
Everything in the restaurant was normal as it should be. Was I losing it? NO! It was all very real.

Shortly after, my same daughter who had seen the little girl came to me one night, telling me about seeing the girl again. This time though, she said there was a man with her. I hadn't mentioned anything to her about seeing this man. I was curious, so I had her describe what he looked like. She took me up to my room & showed me exactly where they were standing. She said it was like they were just above the floor, floating. She showed me how he stood there with his hands folded in the sign of peace across his chest, indicating that his mission was one of non violence. My daughter had never been taught about this sign of peace before. She had no knowledge of any of this beforehand. She described for me in detail what he looked like, where they stood & what was said.

The man my daughter described to me was the same man I saw a few days earlier. Even as I write this article, I can feel a presence around me. It was & is such a real & transforming experience.

My daughter told me about talking with this girl as they both stood there looking at my daughter. She said they both had such a look of peace & contentment on their faces.
I ask her what the little girl had told her. She said that her name was Makala, & that she was of the Algonquin tribe. The man turned out to be her father.

Since that time, Makala has visited my home on numerous occasions. We have come to realize a love that has developed for these people & feel love in return.We have heard many conversations taking place in my daughters room. Not like the childlike ones you hear when a child makes up a make believe friend. These where actual, intelligent, back & forth conversations. I have walked into the room & realized that there was a presence there. The man turned out to be my guide & his daughter was to be the guide for my daughter.

What I see in him tells me what he was also like when he was in the physical. A kind, gentle, loving person who's heart was out going to others.

We all have a spirit guide. We are not alone. Many times we may not always feel their presence, but they are there to support you, to guide you, to walk with you through every step you take in this life. Honour them as they honour you. Your guide may be someone from the past, as mine is, or maybe an angel or quite possibly someone you don't even know, but they are real & will help you when you need them. They also are there to reprimand us when they know that we are about to do something that will help destroy or harm us. This is their love in action for us. We may not like it or appreciate it at the time, but if we could see ahead we would understand.

There are times when we see the results of what could have been, a disaster for us or someone we love. Then we understand that even though we were told, " No" it was for our own good in some way.

Trust what your guide tells you. Always know that it is your guide speaking, guiding you. If it is, the impression or the voice will grow more intense in alot of cases. Learn to hear your guide. Talk to them. It may sound silly for those who have never experienced this before, but try it, alone. Tell them they are welcome in your life & that you want to be their friend as they want to be yours. In time, you will understand that the sensations, the feelings of someone being beside you are real. Not just your imagination.

Learn to tell the different between your thoughts & desires & the directions of your guide. If an idea or thought or impression comes to you, always examine it , analyze it to make sure that it is not just some whim that has crossed your mind. In time you will be able to tell the difference. You will be able to hear your guide, to feel their presence on a regular basis. Nothing happens by so called coincidence. There is no such thing. Everything comes about by design, whether it be from the other realm or by our actions or inaction's or even the actions or inaction's of someone else.

Your guide can become your closest companion if you learn to allow them to guide you. Listen for that voice or that urging that comes in circumstances. Watch for that sign that accompanies events in your life. If your making difficult decisions, you can ask for guidance. They are here to give what you need to make the right choice. If you're new to spirit guide teachings, understand one thing. When you are dealing with those from another realm & even though you may have problems that you are trying to resolve in the physical, train yourself to concentrate your attentions on the one whom you are asking for help in the matter. Remember, when you ask for their help, you are literally putting your confidence in another person to help you out as you would anyone. They can see the situation more clearly than we can. They also know the timing of things about to happen in any given situation & when the answer will come about & how.

Are you willing to put your faith, your trust in their hands? It doesn't mean that you get off with doing nothing. It doesn't work that way. They are your guides, not your slaves. It is also up to us to do our part to make life work as it should. No one wants to do everything & us just sit there. Not even your guides. They are there to guide & help us in our lives.. We are here to do our part.

I hope that something I have said here will be of a comfort or maybe an encouragement for those who read it.

Pastor James

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