Friday, 14 December 2012

Washing Away Stress


Stress. One of the biggest contributors to loss of health, love & life.
Our lives are filled with stress from every avenue we venture down it seems. Whether it be home, job related, kids or everyday events in your life. We become so involved & life becomes so demanding that we are consumed by high levels of stress with every twist & turn. It seems like there is no getting away from it. Maybe not, but your stress level can be controlled. Your daily walk can be made smoother. Your stress level can & will deduce if you allow it to & put into practice 
simple techniques that work for me.

I'm no genius but when something works, it works & I use it to my every advantage.
I used to get so strung out, as they say with everyday stress, negative energies & all those nasty, little plagues that seem to try to over take us. Life isn't like it used to be when it was so simply, so understandable that we didn't have such as mega stress that tears at our very being. It seems there is no getting away from it & the way society has become.

We have digressed so far backward that we can't see the truth or simplicity in life anymore.
" But, I thought we have progressed?" In so many areas, does it really look like it to you?

We have become no more than a world society of fear mongers living our lives in preparation for world war, world catastrophes, ends of time, money hungry & money grubbing with no thought about what is more important. Indeed. In so many eyes, nothing is more important because they are blind, seeing only what they want to see. So very sad.

You don't have to be like that. Nor do you have to live like that. There is a way to be at peace within yourself. A way of love, peacefulness of mind & spirit. We are always searching for inner peace. In reality, it has always been right in front of us. We search but never seeing. We hear but never hearing. We travel through life but never finding our way.

We will only come to the truth when we stop listening outside ourselves. We will only find our path when we stop & realize that underneath all that garbage that we live called progress is the real truth & purpose of our lives. We will only find ourselves when we look deep inside ourselves, being still & searching, listening to what our inner most being is saying to us. These are the real truths, our paths in life.

We are so involved with ourselves on the physical plane that we have neglected who we really are. In so many cases, people have no idea who they are, why they are or where they are going. They have become lost within themselves.
" But, we must conform so that we can fit in." Is that really what you want or do you want peace within? Are you satisfied with hurting inside, stressing out & never knowing how to deal with it?

Breathing Away Your Stress

If you have soft, melodic music, put in on low. If you have candles, why not light them? Turn down the lights. If you use incense, why not burn some sweet scents that accent what your doing?
One exercise I love to do is so simple. It is a breathing exorcise that if done slowly & correctly will cause an relaxing effect on you both physically, spiritually & mentally.

If you find it hard to practice this with little results the first time, don't worry about it. Keep at it. The more you practice, the easier it will become. It is new to you. Your stress level may be so that it is hard to break through. That's ok. It will come. The only thing stopping you from achieving it is you. You can do this exorcise anywhere or anytime that works for you. Try it. You might be amazed.

First, sit in a soft, comfortable chair. Relax. Close your eyes & turn the palms of your hands gently upwards. Don't force anything to happen. It must be natural.
Envision in your mind a peaceful place. Somewhere maybe that you would like to be. Somewhere where there is peace, sunshine, calmness in the air. Allow your mind to fully envision this place of solitude. You own world of escape where only you can enter. Nothing but peace from the earth. Peace from maybe the ocean waves, peace from every part of nature. Being at peace within yourself. Envision what this would be like. What you want it to be like. There's no one around. This is your own personal sanctuary where you can be alone to melt away all the stress, all the pain, all the toil of the day. 

 Practice, practice, practice.

Listen to the calm. Listen for it. It's there waiting for you.
Now, slowly breath in through your nose & allow your breath to escape through your mouth. Again. repeat the instruction. Breath slowly in through your nose & slowly exhale out through your mouth. Repeat this until you start to feel relaxation start to set in. Don't stop though. Feel your mind & your body start to relax. Feel the stress slowly make its way down to your neck. Down to your shoulders. If there is any stress left in the area you have just envisioned, repeat the breathing & releasing exorcise envisioning the stress slowly melting away & flowing down over the affected areas. You are releasing your stress with every breath, with every part of your being.

You are experiencing your stress melting away, releasing you to a peaceful, calm state.

Allow the stress to flow over your shoulders, over your arms & down your body, from the top slowly over your torso. Let it flow & melt away over the hips, over the legs & down over the feet as it leaves your body through your hands & feet. Repeat the process to make sure all of it is leaving your body, causing your body, mind & spirit to relax, to become mellow & at peace.

Do this as many times a you wish to achieve the level of peace you wish. Allow the stress to simply flow away from you. A helpful thing to do also is after you have performed this exorcise, take a long. soothing shower to cleanse yourself not only from the physical but simply allow the warm water to wash away all the remaining stress or tension you might be feeling.
Water is a cleansing agent & performs wonders on our whole being when we allow it to.

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