Tuesday, 23 July 2013


I love life. It is the eternal gift given by the Creator.

It is everlasting. Open & pure.

A world within a world of beauty.

It is here for us to see, to observe, to know, if only our spiritual & physical eyes are open to see.

When we are at one with life, we are at one within ourselves. 

When we are at one within ourselves, we are at peace without strife, without fear, without loss.

Only fulfilment & beauty from within.

Truth is everlasting just as life is everlasting.

We are created by Life & Love, through Life & Love, for Life & Love.

Purity of the heart, mind & spirit keep us in tune with ourselves, with Life & Love, with those who created us in the beginning before the beginning of time.

We are extensions. Reflected images of the Ones who created us before time began.

We are the mirrored images of Life & Love portrayed through our spiritual & physical lives.

If we fail to portray that which we are, it is our own fault, our own loss because we have neglected to show love one to another. 


Given to me by a loving Spirit.

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