Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Power of Love

The more love you give, the more love will multiply in you. Makwa

I have learned not to worry about love; but to honour its coming with all my heart. Makwa

Spread love around & it will follow you all the days of your life. Makwa

If I say, " I love you, I should be willing & able to prove it through my actions. Makwa

The purpose of your life is to love. Makwa

Love can come in many forms. watch for it, live for it. Love comes through actions. Expect it.Watch it change your life, transforming love showing through your life. The greatest gift there is is love. Makwa

You have to talk about what you love to bring what you want to you. Makwa

In my family we always tell each other, " I love you," and we prove it through our actions toward one another. Makwa

Love is the supreme ruling power in your life. Makwa

Nothing is too big nor hard for the force of love. Makwa

When you can give love, no matter what the circumstances, they must change. Makwa

Love has no limits. Makwa

We are but visitors here on Earth. Our lives here are to show by our example the love & goodness of the Creator. How do you do that? By showing love t one another. Makwa

Love is a living force. Whatever you want to receive in life, you must give love first.You are in command of your feelings. You are in command of your love. The force of love will give back to you whatever you give out. Makwa

Every good feeling unites you with the force of love. Love is the source of all good feelings. Makwa

If you want to feel good inside, start showing love through your actions. Makwa

If you are showing love, you are sharing a powerful gift. Makwa

Until we rid ourselves of negativity we can never feel true love & never be full filled. Makwa

If we are full of hatred, then there is no room left for love. Makwa

Love must be the ruling force in your life to see positive results. Makwa

It is not up to me to judge you, but to show open love toward you. Makwa

Peace, love, forgiveness, truth, honesty, serenity.
At peace within ourselves & with others.
Never allow situations to bear you down.
Keep looking inside for the answers.Keep looking to the Heavens for truth & guidance. Makwa

If there is no tolerance, then love cannot begin.
If there is no love, 
There is no unity between us.
If there is no unity between us, There is no peace.
If there is no peace in the world, 
There is no hope for humanity.

Love is truth. Makwa

The more you love, the more the force of love will melt away negativity in your body, in your mind & in your spirit. Makwa

Life is magical. Love is magical. Makwa

Show love & respect to all you meet, for this is the greatest commandment. This is love in action. Makwa

I will show love today,
In return I will receive love back.
I will show kindness,
And in return receive kindness back.
I will show goodness, 
And in return receive goodness back.
I will give of my heart, my spirit,
And in return I will also receive from anothers heart & spirit of love. 

Dear Creator,
 Open the doors in my life that I may teach what you have sent me to teach. Speak through me that I may not be seen nor heard, but that Your words, Your voice will resound the teachings of love in action. 

Let there be love,
Let there be kindness,
Let there be oneness,
Let there be unity,
Let there be joy,
Let there be peace,
Let thee be faith,
Let there be brotherly & sisterly love,
Let there be love in action.

When we are showing love in action through our examples in life, we are showing to others what Creator is like.

My prayer is that each & every day someone may be touched by love flowing through me. Makwa

I came not to show judgement, but to show love through the examples in my life. May this be true of all of us. Makwa

It is far greater to show love through our example but once, than to constantly say, " I love you" but never show it. Makwa

The true expression of love is not what we can do ourselves, but what we can do for others. Makwa

Only your fears can harm you. Only love can free you. Makwa

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