Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Words Of Wisdom

"Be someone you would be proud  to know."

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be." Lao Tzu

" The  weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."Mahatma Gandhi

" Don't waiste a minute not being happy. If one window closes, run to the next window or break down a door." Brooke Shields

" Happiness is the best facelift."

" Fall 7 times.Stand up  8." Japanese Proverb

" If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison.

"Live your life in the manner that you would want your kids to live theirs." Michael Levine

"The future depends on  what we do in the present.|"Mahatma Gandhi

" Think of the beauty still left around you & be happy." Anne Franks 

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Friday, 14 December 2012

Bringing Your Loved Ones Closer Together


Love in action. Such a simple phase & yet, in reality, it's so easy to do.
In this article, We're going to talk about various ways to bring you & your loved ones closer together by simple heart to heart actions on each of your parts. Remember, love is a two way street. Is there such a thing? Of course there is.

I want you to right now stop & take a good look at yourself deep inside. Have you ever really looked at who you are. I don't mean whether you are a good or bad person. I'm talking about deep inside. Your talents, your gifts. Confused yet? Hang in there. It gets better.

I'm sure we've all noticed just how greed plays a major role in society, which in turn urges us to be just like them. We have become too accustomed to how society wants us to think that just maybe we have never looked at the simpler & yet, more meaningful side of life. Ask yourself this question. " What do I do from my heart for my family"? Interesting question. Maybe an interesting answer also.

We all go about our daily routine of caring for our families as we should & that's good. We do this for two or maybe more reasons. First, we love our family & it's our desire to do our very best for them. Secondly, it's our duty as parents to do the very best we can for our families.

Let's take it a step further. One thing that works in our lives in the simple things that we do, that we make for each other. OK. Maybe this doesn't sound like much but believe me, it will make a major impact on each & every one of you.

When I was younger, I always dreamed of having the holidays as it used to be way back when. By this I mean, it was simple, uncomplicated, meaningful & full of love because what we did came from the heart.

Gifts were made by the giver over the year & carefully stored away until the time was right. Love went into each & every piece that was created, be it  birthdays, anniversaries or whatever was being celebrated. Get the picture?

Maybe you're thinking.. "You cheap *&?>+% . " Now, that's not very nice. Cheapness has nothing to do with it. You can spend all the money in the world & will there be real appreciation? Not likely. Big business tells us that we have to buy, buy, buy. Good for big business, but who's running your life, you or big business?

I have made different things that were simple, honest, lovingly crafted with the only thought in mind of the person I was making the item for. I have watched so many times & saw the look of surprise, the look of love, the look of joy & heard also so many times, " You made this for me?" Get it?

I just finished making a small wooden box for my 14 year old daughter that I decorated with lots of gold flecks, her name & filled with tons of candy, some money for her to spend, homemade jewellery that we make & little goodies like that. She instantly fell in love with it, not so much because of any special way it was made nor professionalism but because Daddy had made that little treasure chest for her. She cherishes it because she knows I made it for her from my heart, from my spirit to hers. It was made with love in mind, not bought with money.

I'm not the most talented person in the world, but when you get an idea, when you decide within yourself that you are going to create something special for your loved one, no matter how simple, then as you go, everything falls into place. You do not struggle. You don't see it as a chore because you are doing it for the sake of  love. 

Someone I know loves to give a very special gift to those she loves. She makes cards to give to the special person which has a list of different things she plans to do for that person over the coming year as a special token of her love for them. It is one of the most selfless gifts that yield great results in actions of love.

It's so simple to do. Just pick that special person. Think of what you can do for them to help them once in a while. Then, make sure you keep a copy of the card so that you can remember what you're promises are to them. Do it & you'll see wonderful results in your life & theirs also.
Why not give it a try?

Simplicity is the key to living a more full filled life. One where love & life go hand in hand. One where you hold the reigns of your life in your hands.

Years ago I used to knit scarves for the children who live in the Northwest Territories here in Canada. Believe me, it can get so very cold there. I had arranged through a charitable organisation for them to be flown up to the villages for the children & distributed free of charge. The organisation also covered shipping costs as they had a pilot who flew up there.
That was such a long time ago & I guess that maybe a lot of them still have those scarves or passed them on to their children to help keep them warm. A small act. Yes. I simply bought the yarn & during the year knitted during my spare time. Of yeah.. I'm a guy, so don't get the idea that it can't be done.

Was I a sissy for knitting those scarves? Hm! If that makes me a sissy for helping little children stay warm, well then, I guess I am, but I'd do it again. I've even knitted scarves for my children which they still have & wear.

Next year we fully intend to make all the gifts ourselves. Love in action. Check it out.

Maybe, creating a special dinner for your special someone, just the two of you.
Taking a moment, each & everyday to stop what you're doing & hold each other, hug each other & opening tell each other that you love that person & mean it. Let them see the honesty in your eyes, in your spirit, in your words. Kinda reminds you of when you were dating doesn't it? I'm talking to you guys too you know. It still takes two.

Maybe you're saying," But, I don't have the time to do all that." What? You don't have the time to hold someone & tell them you really love them? OK! Do you have the time for a broken relationship that could have been avoided? Maybe you need to stop, take a look around & see what's really important.

Two of the greatest causes of relationship break ups are failing to communicate & failing to express your love for each other in meaningful ways. Think about it. Not only does it bring you & your partner closer together, but it will also serve as a positive example to your children, to your grand children that this is how love is supposed to be.

Show your love by your example to others. Now, I'm not recommending this to anyone as I know that situations can be tricky. I'm just recalling a situation that I happened to be involved with years ago.

One night, I had been out late & decided to stop at a coffee shop for a break on my way home. I sat at the counter with my coffee in front of me. Next to me was an old man who was so drunk he couldn't hold his head up. The owner obviously wanted him out of the establishment & I helped him outside. I made some calls around town & found out that he had been in a rehab house but wasn't allowed back there as his had broken the rules by drinking.

He straightened up & through the rehab house & myself got him an apartment where he wouldn't be on the street. I found out months later that he had once again fallen off the wagon & lost the apartment. The superintendent found 12 empty after shave bottles on his living room floor.

Through the same rehab centre we got him help & he ended up in an seniors home so that he could be taken care of. He had finally stopped drinking for good. He once told me that no one cared for him & that was why he drank. We became great friends & I visited him often at the home until he passed away from old age. Such a beautiful man when he wasn't drinking. All because someone took the time to care. Love in action.

Do you have the time or desire to do something small for another person? Maybe you know someone who could use a few more groceries or a family who could use those clothes that might fit a child. You'll never know until you try. What a shining example you will be to them, to your family & to whomever you meet.

If each member of your family sat down & thought about just one thing they could do for each other or someone else, just think what a difference they could make with just that one act of love.

So, do I assume that this is so out of place with what you do now or what you have been programmed to do? Probably yes. Are you ready to make your life & the lives of others better one step at a time? It's your choice. Be that example to others.

We have met so many people who are tired of their old ways of life & are looking for a better way. Well, they are accepting these action teachings left & right. The time has come to disregard the old, useless ways of "I" & start recreating a brand new path of " Us." Working together with each other, for each other creates us & them into the kind of people we are supposed to be. One small act of love in action per day adds up to 365 acts of love per year. Think about it, then make it a reality.

I firmly believe in what's called Three Fold Return. In other words, what goes around, comes around. If we portray good toward others, then in its own time good will return to us when we need it. If we fail to do good & portray negative actions against others, then this too will in time return to us. Life is in a circle with so many options to do good & show our love through our actions. Why not take it? It's your love in action. Why not spread it around?

Living What We Teach

In this day & age we tend to look at the outward appearance of others & life's situations instead of accepting those who come across our path in life as they are. Sad to say we don't always react in the proper way as we should, nor do we see things in their proper perspective. Our insight can be very limited.
No matter how we view events or people that cross our paths, whether they be family, friends or complete strangers, they all have an impact on us. Sometimes in a dramatic way.
How do we see those people? Do we accept them for who they are as fellow human beings or do we tend to shun them because they may be of a different color, belief or look different than we do?
I have always taught my children to not tell someone they love them unless they are willing to prove it by their actions towards them.
Society has traded off proven love with substitutes that mimic the real thing. We, as individuals need to show more love in action to others we come across.
I realise this type of article is not the usual norm for our group, but I also feel that sometimes we need that nudge to reaffirm ourselves to our standards & beliefs. What we do on the outside toward others reveals what is in our heart, how we really feel. The same holds true with those of us who, although we may have similar teachings that we live by, may not be exactly the same as others see things. This can & has presented unforetold problems & even cost friendships & family because we simply didn't live & let live according to ones conscience.
So that everyone knows I'm not just preaching a sermon. I try to look at people with my own life with that look of, " Yes, we may be different. Maybe we do have other ways of doing things, but we can always learn from each other. " We are a peaceful people & that is what our example should be.

We are all part of the family of life. We are all interconnected & deep down inside, we are no different than the next person in a lot of ways.
We need to look at others with a look of how we would want to be seen.

Love In Action .... The Forgotten Lesson


Love in action. Wow ! What a concept. What a truth that has been lost to us for far too long.

Ask any of my children what love in action is & they will tell you.. What we say with our mouths about love is not love. Its what we do in our actions toward each other that shows whether we really do love someone or not.

My children should know. This is how I raised them. I'm a single father who instilled the teachings in each & everyone of them since they were old enough to understand by word & by seeing it in their lives by my actions toward them.
Did I teach them wrong. Well, lets see. In our home, we show our love by even little acts of love toward each other. If someone is hurting, if someone is in need of help or some other issue we are there for them. Each taking on the role of helper for each other, not because they are expected to, but its so natural to them to show their love for each other.

My eldest is 22 years old. My youngest is 14. I have five kids. From the youngest to the eldest, there isn't a time or a day that goes by that they are not telling me that they love me & I them. Even when they or I go to bed it is the same. "I love you Dad." " I love you too son or daughter."

My grand children are also being raised this way. "I love you papa." I hear it all the time amidst the small crowd of them scrambling to get to me for that special hug when I go visit. Love in action from them to me & I to them.

But, you might say," My children or grand children do that to me also."
Great. That's love in action. Spread the word.

My one son in law wanted to know about our teachings when he first became involved with my family. I sat him down & told him a lot about ourselves. I knew he was watching each time he would come around. Since then, every time he goes to leave he, on his own, gives me hug & says, "Dad, I love you." & I know he means it. Now, he will carry the message & continue to pass it on because he saw love by example. He told me once that he has never seen love in action before. It was all new to him & he now makes it a part of his life. I'm glad.

There are far too many definitions for love that have absolutely nothing to do with love. Some refer to sex. Others refer to .. "I think I love you. What , don't you know"? Every time we turn around we're hearing about .. this is love or that is love. Ok! So much for that. Now, ask someone to show you what love is & watch out. You might be surprised as to what happens. Superficial. Absolutely nothing to do with love because people have no real concept of what it really means.

We live in a dream world manufactured by Hollywood, society, religion & the list goes on.
How can people really show love if they have no idea about what it is. We say we love our children but do we show it. When was the last time you hugged you child or your partner? When was the last time you saw that glow on their face or that gleam in their eye when they told you that you were loved by them?
When was the last time they saw it in you? Another example of something so innocent & simple but so easily taken out of context & misunderstood.

I know this is something that not all parents will agree on & that's ok. My children have always been taught since they were old enough to understand, never tell anyone you love them unless you are willing to prove it by your actions. Not only does it make them better understand love as a whole but they with proper instructions wont be fooled by what love isn't.

Some of the greatest teachers & leaders in history have based their actions on love in action.
Please don't get me wrong. I am not writing about politics or religion.
Martin Luther King for example. Jesus Christ teachings, Gandhi. Yes, I know their missions were different as to what they did but look at the bottom line of it all. They carried out their work not only because of issues that were important to them but the love of those who were the oppressed.
Love in action.

My eldest son as I said still gives me hugs even in public & says that he loves me. You will never know how many times we get such weird looks from people on the street. It makes it worse because this kid is 6 foot 4 inches tall. I'm a measly 5 foot 8. "Look out Dad, here I come." He is not ashamed. I am not ashamed. He is living what I have taught him all his life.

People seem to have no trouble showing other emotions like bitterness, anger, hatred, disgust & on & on & on to their family & friends. Why not love?
Our love, true love is an emotion from within. It is not physical. but something that we brought with us before we were born in the flesh. It is part of the spiritual side of us. If we are spirits of love then is it not only reasonable to show our love through our actions? What we show on the outside is what we are like on the inside.

I saw a sticker once that read.. "Love thy neighbour.. but don't get caught."
Ok! Not exactly what I had in mind here.

We don't have to perform large acts toward someone to prove our love. Sometimes, its the little things that count the most. Even just being there in times of crisis is an open act of love in action. Believe me, people notice.

You know, seriously, I could go on & on until you finally say, " Alright already. I get the picture, " & you'd be right.
Let's put love in action into practice. There's no time like the present.

Washing Away Stress


Stress. One of the biggest contributors to loss of health, love & life.
Our lives are filled with stress from every avenue we venture down it seems. Whether it be home, job related, kids or everyday events in your life. We become so involved & life becomes so demanding that we are consumed by high levels of stress with every twist & turn. It seems like there is no getting away from it. Maybe not, but your stress level can be controlled. Your daily walk can be made smoother. Your stress level can & will deduce if you allow it to & put into practice 
simple techniques that work for me.

I'm no genius but when something works, it works & I use it to my every advantage.
I used to get so strung out, as they say with everyday stress, negative energies & all those nasty, little plagues that seem to try to over take us. Life isn't like it used to be when it was so simply, so understandable that we didn't have such as mega stress that tears at our very being. It seems there is no getting away from it & the way society has become.

We have digressed so far backward that we can't see the truth or simplicity in life anymore.
" But, I thought we have progressed?" In so many areas, does it really look like it to you?

We have become no more than a world society of fear mongers living our lives in preparation for world war, world catastrophes, ends of time, money hungry & money grubbing with no thought about what is more important. Indeed. In so many eyes, nothing is more important because they are blind, seeing only what they want to see. So very sad.

You don't have to be like that. Nor do you have to live like that. There is a way to be at peace within yourself. A way of love, peacefulness of mind & spirit. We are always searching for inner peace. In reality, it has always been right in front of us. We search but never seeing. We hear but never hearing. We travel through life but never finding our way.

We will only come to the truth when we stop listening outside ourselves. We will only find our path when we stop & realize that underneath all that garbage that we live called progress is the real truth & purpose of our lives. We will only find ourselves when we look deep inside ourselves, being still & searching, listening to what our inner most being is saying to us. These are the real truths, our paths in life.

We are so involved with ourselves on the physical plane that we have neglected who we really are. In so many cases, people have no idea who they are, why they are or where they are going. They have become lost within themselves.
" But, we must conform so that we can fit in." Is that really what you want or do you want peace within? Are you satisfied with hurting inside, stressing out & never knowing how to deal with it?

Breathing Away Your Stress

If you have soft, melodic music, put in on low. If you have candles, why not light them? Turn down the lights. If you use incense, why not burn some sweet scents that accent what your doing?
One exercise I love to do is so simple. It is a breathing exorcise that if done slowly & correctly will cause an relaxing effect on you both physically, spiritually & mentally.

If you find it hard to practice this with little results the first time, don't worry about it. Keep at it. The more you practice, the easier it will become. It is new to you. Your stress level may be so that it is hard to break through. That's ok. It will come. The only thing stopping you from achieving it is you. You can do this exorcise anywhere or anytime that works for you. Try it. You might be amazed.

First, sit in a soft, comfortable chair. Relax. Close your eyes & turn the palms of your hands gently upwards. Don't force anything to happen. It must be natural.
Envision in your mind a peaceful place. Somewhere maybe that you would like to be. Somewhere where there is peace, sunshine, calmness in the air. Allow your mind to fully envision this place of solitude. You own world of escape where only you can enter. Nothing but peace from the earth. Peace from maybe the ocean waves, peace from every part of nature. Being at peace within yourself. Envision what this would be like. What you want it to be like. There's no one around. This is your own personal sanctuary where you can be alone to melt away all the stress, all the pain, all the toil of the day. 

 Practice, practice, practice.

Listen to the calm. Listen for it. It's there waiting for you.
Now, slowly breath in through your nose & allow your breath to escape through your mouth. Again. repeat the instruction. Breath slowly in through your nose & slowly exhale out through your mouth. Repeat this until you start to feel relaxation start to set in. Don't stop though. Feel your mind & your body start to relax. Feel the stress slowly make its way down to your neck. Down to your shoulders. If there is any stress left in the area you have just envisioned, repeat the breathing & releasing exorcise envisioning the stress slowly melting away & flowing down over the affected areas. You are releasing your stress with every breath, with every part of your being.

You are experiencing your stress melting away, releasing you to a peaceful, calm state.

Allow the stress to flow over your shoulders, over your arms & down your body, from the top slowly over your torso. Let it flow & melt away over the hips, over the legs & down over the feet as it leaves your body through your hands & feet. Repeat the process to make sure all of it is leaving your body, causing your body, mind & spirit to relax, to become mellow & at peace.

Do this as many times a you wish to achieve the level of peace you wish. Allow the stress to simply flow away from you. A helpful thing to do also is after you have performed this exorcise, take a long. soothing shower to cleanse yourself not only from the physical but simply allow the warm water to wash away all the remaining stress or tension you might be feeling.
Water is a cleansing agent & performs wonders on our whole being when we allow it to.

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Hidden Truths


It is not where we live that counts. It is not when we live that counts.
It doesn't matter how much or how little money we have.
It matters not whether we are liked or disliked by others.
It only matters how we choose to live.
How our spirit is, whether we are at peace or in inner turmoil that counts.
If we have real peace inside, we can go through life & face anything that comes along.
Never keep our eyes on the negative situations in life, but rather on what we are like inside.
Peace, love, forgiveness, truth, honesty, serenity, at peace with ourselves & others.
Never allow situations to bear you down.
Keep looking inside for the answers.
Keep looking to the heavens for truth & guidance.
All things are timed in our lives.
All things will come around in their own time as they should.
All answers will come about when it is the right time.
Then, you will know that all things work together for good in our lives.
Circumstances can only affect us as we allow them to.
If we live in fear, in worry, in doubt, then that is what we become.
If we learn to live in trust, in love, in truth, in hope & in peace, then this is what we become.
We have the choice & the power within us to live & choose who we become on the inside & outside.
What we are like on the inside, shows in our lives on the outside.
Nothing is hidden for long.
Sooner or later our true side, who we really are shows through to ourselves & to others around us.

How can we say, " What we have is ours to own?"
The things we have in this life are lent to us to use while we are here only.
Even the very breath we breath is not our own.
When death finally comes, even that is taken away.
We are but visiters here on this temporal plain.
No guarentees of even a tomorrow.

If there is no tolerance, then love cannot begin.
If there is no love, there is no unity between us.
If there is no unity between us, there is no peace.
If there is no peace in the world, there is no hope for humanity.

Without breath our bodies will die.
Without love our spirit will die.
Without a healthy spirit, all else produces negativity in our lives.

We are conditioned to think in complex terms, therefore, seeing everything in life as complex. We need to look deep inside ourselves at the simplicity of life, where the real power is. When we look inside ourselves & rid ourselves of all negativity, we find our true answers.

Spirit Guides


Spirit guides are a big topic these days & for good reason. More & more people are finding that they are interested in a variety of topics that involve spirits. We are not alone in this world. Teachings that have existed for thousands of years that involve spirits, fairies, the occult, Native beliefs & practices, & the list goes on, are finally coming to light as a bonifide & legitimate set of beliefs.
Don't expect to win the world with your beliefs. As long as you are content, satisfied & at peace with yourself on who you are, what you accept as truth & practice it in action, your on the right track.

I met my spirit guide almost three years ago. It was a moment that caused an awakening for me in my spirit & transformed my understanding of the spirit realm & my life .
In our home, we have a large number of Aboriginal ornaments & artifacts. I remember as I would lay in bed, the sound of some of the statues & pieces being moved on a table I have in my bedroom. At first I thought that maybe a mouse had gotten in & was scurrying around. I finally realized that these items were being picked up as I could hear them very gently being set back in place. Have I spooked you yet? Don't be. Everything I am relaying here is true & for a point. This went on for a few days. If I turned on the light, it would always stop, but resume shortly after all was dark again. I experienced no fear what so ever when this was happening but a calm, peaceful presence.
My youngest daughter came to me a few days later, telling me about seeing a little Aboriginal girl in my room. With us being of Native decent, I knew that such things were possible & I had no doubts that she had indeed seen someone. I had her describe the girl to me.

About a week later, I had gone into a restaurant for a coffee. I was sitting relaxing when I happened to look out the window, as the table was against the outside of the building. Everything within me froze. Not with fear, but with wonderment & amazement at what I saw.

About in midair, I watched as an Aboriginal man, in his 30's, long, straight black hair, knelt on the ground, hands raised high in the air in honour of his Creator. He had no shirt on & I listened as I heard him cry & wail a chant that I knew came from the very depths of his heart. He was pouring out his soul in his prayers & honour. I was transfixed as I stared. I felt like an intruder, but I also knew that I was being given a special chance to not only watch a ceremony of honour but to see someone from the realm of the spirits from the past. In my spirit, I knew that he had lived on this earth more than a hundred years before. It was a realization that just appeared to my mind.
Somehow, I just had this knowledge from him. The realization has been brought to life since that time that his prayers were for me. I am truly honored.

The whole revelation lasted about five seconds, but within that time, I had seen a miracle, if you will, that a lot of people never get the chance to see.
I turned to the other person sitting at the table & stared. When I asked her if she saw what had just happened, she looked puzzled & said, she hadn't seen anything.
Everything in the restaurant was normal as it should be. Was I losing it? NO! It was all very real.

Shortly after, my same daughter who had seen the little girl came to me one night, telling me about seeing the girl again. This time though, she said there was a man with her. I hadn't mentioned anything to her about seeing this man. I was curious, so I had her describe what he looked like. She took me up to my room & showed me exactly where they were standing. She said it was like they were just above the floor, floating. She showed me how he stood there with his hands folded in the sign of peace across his chest, indicating that his mission was one of non violence. My daughter had never been taught about this sign of peace before. She had no knowledge of any of this beforehand. She described for me in detail what he looked like, where they stood & what was said.

The man my daughter described to me was the same man I saw a few days earlier. Even as I write this article, I can feel a presence around me. It was & is such a real & transforming experience.

My daughter told me about talking with this girl as they both stood there looking at my daughter. She said they both had such a look of peace & contentment on their faces.
I ask her what the little girl had told her. She said that her name was Makala, & that she was of the Algonquin tribe. The man turned out to be her father.

Since that time, Makala has visited my home on numerous occasions. We have come to realize a love that has developed for these people & feel love in return.We have heard many conversations taking place in my daughters room. Not like the childlike ones you hear when a child makes up a make believe friend. These where actual, intelligent, back & forth conversations. I have walked into the room & realized that there was a presence there. The man turned out to be my guide & his daughter was to be the guide for my daughter.

What I see in him tells me what he was also like when he was in the physical. A kind, gentle, loving person who's heart was out going to others.

We all have a spirit guide. We are not alone. Many times we may not always feel their presence, but they are there to support you, to guide you, to walk with you through every step you take in this life. Honour them as they honour you. Your guide may be someone from the past, as mine is, or maybe an angel or quite possibly someone you don't even know, but they are real & will help you when you need them. They also are there to reprimand us when they know that we are about to do something that will help destroy or harm us. This is their love in action for us. We may not like it or appreciate it at the time, but if we could see ahead we would understand.

There are times when we see the results of what could have been, a disaster for us or someone we love. Then we understand that even though we were told, " No" it was for our own good in some way.

Trust what your guide tells you. Always know that it is your guide speaking, guiding you. If it is, the impression or the voice will grow more intense in alot of cases. Learn to hear your guide. Talk to them. It may sound silly for those who have never experienced this before, but try it, alone. Tell them they are welcome in your life & that you want to be their friend as they want to be yours. In time, you will understand that the sensations, the feelings of someone being beside you are real. Not just your imagination.

Learn to tell the different between your thoughts & desires & the directions of your guide. If an idea or thought or impression comes to you, always examine it , analyze it to make sure that it is not just some whim that has crossed your mind. In time you will be able to tell the difference. You will be able to hear your guide, to feel their presence on a regular basis. Nothing happens by so called coincidence. There is no such thing. Everything comes about by design, whether it be from the other realm or by our actions or inaction's or even the actions or inaction's of someone else.

Your guide can become your closest companion if you learn to allow them to guide you. Listen for that voice or that urging that comes in circumstances. Watch for that sign that accompanies events in your life. If your making difficult decisions, you can ask for guidance. They are here to give what you need to make the right choice. If you're new to spirit guide teachings, understand one thing. When you are dealing with those from another realm & even though you may have problems that you are trying to resolve in the physical, train yourself to concentrate your attentions on the one whom you are asking for help in the matter. Remember, when you ask for their help, you are literally putting your confidence in another person to help you out as you would anyone. They can see the situation more clearly than we can. They also know the timing of things about to happen in any given situation & when the answer will come about & how.

Are you willing to put your faith, your trust in their hands? It doesn't mean that you get off with doing nothing. It doesn't work that way. They are your guides, not your slaves. It is also up to us to do our part to make life work as it should. No one wants to do everything & us just sit there. Not even your guides. They are there to guide & help us in our lives.. We are here to do our part.

I hope that something I have said here will be of a comfort or maybe an encouragement for those who read it.

Pastor James

Healing .... What Is It. Part 2


Thanks for joining us again in this second half of this teaching on healing.
As I have said, healing depends not only on the healers participation but also on the willingness of the person who needs the touch.

I remember a family member years ago who received a touch that instantly flooded them with healing power. I had just met them & they were telling me about falling out of their step leading out if the house & seriously hurting their arm. They were in the 70's & ice had formed on the cement step. Their arm was indeed damaged & they were in severe pain, not being able to move it at the elbow. They were immobilized by it. I listened & had never before even thought of healings as one of the gifts, let alone mine. It was aways someone else who did such things.

We were about to leave when I was spoken to. Not by a human voice but spiritual who said... "Touch her." "What?" The voice repeated the command. "Touch her." I had a lot to learn back then & I was about to get my first lesson not only in obedience but in healing on a personal level.

I told another family member what had just happened & asked if they thought she would mind if I touched her. Boy, was I green. I also found out that because your elderly doesn't mean you' re hard of hearing. I was more than a bit embarrassed when she spoke up & said.. "No, I wouldn't mind if you touched me." That did it.

I also thought the lady would think I was nuts if I told her what I was told to do. Remember, I had just met her. It turned out that she also understood & accepted the teachings of total healing, obviously long before I was born.

I very gentle laid my right hand on her... my power hand. I closed my eyes & did what I had to do & then.... I opened my eyes & was preparing to go. I don't know what I was expecting as I had never done this before as I said.

CRACK! The sound startled everyone in the house. I had no idea as to what was happening. She started moving her injured arm like nothing had ever happened to it. The pain was instantly gone. The swelling wasn't there. The arm was as limp & usable as it was before & tears welled up in her eyes.

"The pain is gone. I can move it . Before I couldn't even move my arm. It hurt so bad. "

It was like a huge stick had been snapped in two when we heard the sound from her elbow. Like something had been moved back into place. That cracking sound. So loud. So distinct. I will never forget it, & I know she didn't either. For years later, until she crossed over she would oft times retell the story of what happened that night.

She needed help. I heard the command as clearly as if you & I were talking face to face & I obeyed. The result.. no more pain or agony. A dear close new family member who I love very dearly as she also showed her love in actions to me over the years. The Creators blessings on her.
"I love you, Grandma."

What a way to meet new family members.

If I'm wrong, if I'm nuts with what I teach, how come it works in my life, in the lives of others.
We are such a cynical society without faith in anything or anyone except the physical.

People have asked me, "Why are some people not healed." That's a good question. There is such a variety of answers depending on the circumstances around any given situation. I have touched people who weren't healed. They had brought about certain diseases by their own doing & no matter how much I may have wanted to help, it wasn't granted. Some things are best left with those who control life on the whole.

Sometimes it wasn't as they say... in the cards. Other times, they weren't ready to receive their healing. They needed to get to the bottom & really want to, really be ready to ask & receive it.
It is very rare that I have met a person who at least didn't acknowledge some kind of result. A warm flowing feeling going from their head to their feet & out. Or icy feelings of cold flowing through them when Id touch them. Many times I have heard so many say that they'd feel electricity flowing through them when I'd lay my hand on them or even when they hugged me. Tingling, flowing all through their body.

When a healing takes place I myself can't feel these tinglings but rather energy flowing in me & around me. I can always tell though when a healing has taken place by the energy flowing through my hand & it will stop after it leaves my fingers. Then I know it's finished. Sounds weird. Wait till you have it happen to you.

Unless a person is ready in their spirit to have such things happen they will never be ready.

Years ago, when I was small, & believe me that was a lot of years ago, I cried inside myself, yearning to know why I was , who I was & why I was here. There was an emptiness inside that hurt & it wouldn't go away.

I carried this in my spirit never finding the answers, until one day I asked that I be made into whatever & whoever I was supposed to be. WOW ! It started slowly & as time went on it grew more & more. My eyes were opened to new things. My mind suddenly was filled with things that seemed foreign to me but I knew were shaping my life for whatever reason.

My understanding opened to things I had never dreamed of. Spiritual insights stood out to me like never before & kept going & I realized I was seeing the answer to my request. The answer to my life as to the "whys" of it all. That experience has never left me. I still to this day have those very same things going on & I'm at such peace within myself. This can also be yours. I'm not special. I'm just a human being as you are.

The only difference is, I had come to the bottom. I had reached my limit, even though I was only a teenager & reached out for the answer & it came, & it can for you too.

If you have any questions or are interested in a healing touch for a problem in your life, please feel free to contact me at:


Healing... What Is It? Part 1


Healing comes to us by a variety of means, whether it be by physicians, healers, medicines, herbal remedies, spiritual means or any other means of bringing about that process that causes us as humans to recover from whatever is effecting us in a negative way.

We are not alone in our quest for health, long life & peace of mind. Total healing is something that most of the human race knows very little about & in some cases absolutely nothing. Total healing affects not only the body but every part of our essence. We, as humans live in a world of toil & turmoil that we scarcely seem to be able to acknowledge anything other than what is before us, whether it is something happening in our own lives, our families or dictated to us through a variety of means by business & society as a whole. Our lives are controlled by either something or someone else & this is where stress gets a foot hold, taking control & wearing us down until sickness, disease & even death take over.

We are a brainwashed society whether it is gossip, advertising, promotion, job related issues, family related issues or any thing that contributes to how we think, what we do & how we act. We are no longer individuals who can think for ourselves, live for ourselves & be happy with ourselves, knowing who we really are as a person. Suicide rates are surmountable across the world. Emotional break downs are on the rise. Family break ups are on the rampage. Society is falling apart because they have either forgotten or never learned the one thing that holds us together... working together in love & making life work for us as we allow it to.
Our selfishness & self centred attitudes have destroyed us on the whole.

The one thing I have learned in life is to know who I am as a person. It took me many years of searching & learning the hard way but learned I did & I have never looked back. I'm at peace now because I now know who I am. Can you say that?

The healing process is a two fold thing. Our surroundings & circumstances contribute enormously to what goes on inside us as to anything good or negative. We may not always have full control over things happening in our lives, but we can through practise & learning new ways of dealing with ourselves find life doesn't have to stay in the hectic mode & we don't have to stay stressed out.

Each of us has the ability, the power if you will to bring about healing within ourselves. Know it or not, you were born with it. Each of us has the ability to cause circumstances to change in our lives, not just physically, but emotionally also.

You probably think I'm off my rocker here, but please hear me out. If you look at circumstances that we go through in our lives, we can either directly or indirectly trace them to some respect back to ourselves. Now, I'm not saying that all negative things that happen to us are always our fault. Heaven forbid. What I am saying is there is in most cases a link that brings about circumstances & sometimes our emotions, our drawings & desires bring about those circumstances that we often end up finding out have negative effects on our lives. We can actually draw negative events into our lives if we allow them to become reality. Get the picture?

But, what about those things that just impose themselves on us without us having a say in the matter? Good question. I agree. There are times when we are not the ones who place certain circumstances in our paths. We simply find ourselves in the wrong circumstance & there is no right time. You see, it all depends not so much on our circumstance as to how we react or whether we fall or not but to how we view it, how we accept or reject it & if necessary, how & what we do about it to make our lives better.

You don't have to allow circumstances to rule your life. You do not have to be a slave to your negative thoughts nor past experiences even. It is possible to be healed from even those thoughts that maybe hound you from the past. You may never forget them, but healing from within can bring about a change in you that makes it easier to deal with whatever comes along.

I'm sure you have a lot of questions & I'll gladly answer them for you. If you're wondering if this is some new age idea or some far fetched religion trying to convert people, you can relax. Our teachings are as old as the Earth herself. As old as time. The problem is, we have forgotten the basics of living. The very basics that we are instilled with from time & eternity.
I think to better understand how it works, how our lives should be deserves an explanation as what we teach.

We have always had the understanding that there is a higher power who created & guides the universe & all that is therein. The basis. We also have understood that according to teachings, we are not just here, die & that's it. We according to some, have a soul that is in the image of the One who created all things according to our beliefs. The problem is, religion has had it backwards for such a long time. They teach that we live here & die, while our soul moves on to the next world... heaven or whatever we wish to call it.

In reality, if we accept the teachings that there is a spiritual side to us, then by definition we do not have a soul... we are a spirit, soul if you will living inside these temporal bodies. It is not our soul who leaves the body at death & moves on. It is us. Let me explain. If we are made in the image of a higher being, then we, ourselves are spirit inside these flesh & blood bodies. We are like the turtle. We see a turtle. The shell is not the turtle. It is the house in which the turtle lives. The same is true of us. We live in these bodies as such until we cross over, until it is our time to leave them behind for a better life. Understand?

There are some folk who believe that this is all there is & that is fine. It's their belief & we have no right to judge them anymore than they do with us.

As spirits living in these temporal bodies, we have also been given special gifts that we have brought with us from the beginning. The reason we oft times don't understand our gifts or realise them is simply because of conditioning in a lot of cases. Society conditions us as to what they want us to think, how we are supposed to act, what we are supposed to believe & so on & so forth.
Why should we? Are we puppets with only one purpose in life, to obey without question the decision of the masses or are we individuals who have the right to make our own choices, live as we want to live & believe what we choose to believe? The choice is ours.

Healing in all respects comes from within, us, the spirit. If we are emotionally distraught our minds are effected but also us, our spirit is in poor condition. I have dealt with many who have come to me lost in their own world of confusion, heart break, sadness, emotional & yes, physical pain for help. Healing 101 on the way.

I have sat with them, cried with them, laughed with them & prayed with them & saw with them the miracles if you will in their life as it changed them from what they were inside themselves to what they were becoming. The healing touch will work, will last, will continue in their lives as long as they choose to allow it to work.

" Can you stop the healing touch?" Yes. A person can stop what has begun by refusing to allow it to work, to transform them & their lives into the beautiful creation they were intended to be. It is within their power to not only open the door to healing but to also close it destroying everything that has started to work within them. Sad.

I myself have seen times when I'd get a phone call from someone who needed a special touch or someone whom I was talking to on the Internet & they would need a healing. Ah ha, a point of contact. Simply saying, I had a point from which to begin by the phone or the computer.

"But, you can't heal over a machine." Who says so? It is a point of contact between that person & myself. A point that allows us to be together even when we are many miles apart. The one person who was on line was 7,000 miles away in Europe. I did what I needed to do from my end. They responded & the healing took place. I have seen the same thing happen with using a letter or a picture as a point of contact.

Understand one thing. We are all born with gifts, but, our gifts are not our own to do with as we please. We are spiritual, therefore, our gifts whether they be healing or any other special gifts are spiritual. They belong to the Creator. The Great Spirit who is all power. I am but the vessel, if you will who allows the power, the healing energy to flow through me.

I know, you may say, " But, only Christians or some other religion can perform such acts." Who said so? I don't remember anything about only certain people being selected for spiritual work to do because of their religion. Interesting that so many get the mistaken ideas that a higher power has a religion. Since when? Religion is man made, not God made. Real energy, real power is spiritual from a higher spiritual being, not man made. Get it. If more religions paid more attention to the spiritual aspect of their teachings, then they would see more positive results instead of concentrating on who's right & forgetting that true love by our actions is what it's all about.

We are so absorbed that we think we are the only ones who are right & that The Higher Power honours only them. Pride & egotism at its best. We need to find ourselves, forget ourselves as far as thinking we are the chosen ones & allow true transformation & love to full fill itself in us & through us.

I know some religious people out there are going to say, " He is of the devil" & such absurd statements as that. Please, give me a break. If I was as you say would I be promoting a teaching of true love & healing done by your God? Think about it. Get your facts straight & then log back on.
How can a servant of your so called devil promote good works or even want to for that matter?

In case some of you were wondering if this is religion, no it's not. I do not practise religion as society teaches. I have my own understanding, my own beliefs that I'm comfortable with. We all contain a certain amount of truth.Now, back to healing.

If we hold onto our sickness, our negative thoughts or emotions we can never be healed. We need to allow ourselves healing. As I said, it's within our power to accept or reject. When we accept unconditionally & really want a change then & only then will we see good things happen. We need to want our healings with every part of our body, mind & spirit before we can even consider asking for a touch to cleanse us, to heal us, to make us whole again. This is not a fly by night teaching. It is real & the results are real if we allow them to happen in our lives. I can't emphasise that enough. The choice is totally ours. The very basis of healing in totality is .... LOVE. Pure, unadulterated, cleansing love with no strings, no conditions, & no selfish desires on the part of the healer.

Pretty simple isn't it? As humans, we tend to complicate life & everything about it, when in reality, it's so simple that even a child can understand it & live by it in their lives. Adults tend to miss the mark because we have forgotten how to be childlike. I didn't say childish, although some are i guess, but childlike in our lives, our love & our spirit - us.

Please read more of this article entitled : Healing ... What Is It? Part 2

Ridding Ones Self Of Negativity


Emotions whether positive or negative lie deep inside us, our spirit. When we are filled with so much negativity we cannot fully feel the love that is within us.
We are loving beings, designed this way. We are not creatures of hatred, anger beyond control, or resentment. We are initially free spirits in the sense of love, goodness, kindness, hope & faith. Just as we were when we first came here in this world as babies, innocent, but full of love & goodness.

Time, life, circumstances tend to shape us, to make us into what we become if we allow them to, to create us into beings that we were never intended to become.
The love we once felt, the kindness & goodness we once experienced is still there even though it doesn't seem like it. We may be struck down by stress, negative thoughts & emotions but when you understand the full spectrum of how we are, how we are created, you will see that we did not loose that love, that oneness.
It's still there inside you, deep inside.

Understanding ourselves is the first step to loosing all that we want to rid ourselves of. The power to loose it & control it from coming back lies deep inside us, not someone else but us. When we first came here, we came not empty handed but equipped with a myriad of gifts, talents, powers to create ourselves & make us into the right person that we want to be & should be. The keys to making ourselves into the kind of person we want to be is in our hands. We only need the willingness, the direction & the desire to turn that key so that we can take that very important first step to where we belong.

If you're sitting there looking at yourself, thinking that I may be so very wrong in what I'm saying consider this. What made you this way? What turned you from whom you were to what you are today?

Was it something that went wrong in your life? Was it a person or was it simply that you either lost sight of yourself as a kind being or did you never find out who you are inside? Seeing ourselves on the outside is one thing. Understanding & knowing ourselves on the inside is quite another.

The answer lies as I said, deep within ourselves. We are created physical & spiritual. Two-fold in this respect. You can read all the books you want, attend appointments for the rest of your life to help find yourself, but until you get rid of all that unwanted emotion, the hurt, the anger, the bitterness, you will never find yourself.

You will never be totally free to live your life free from your inner self of negativity. Therapy has its purpose, but you will never deeply be satisfied as to knowing yourself until you are able to reach way down, deep inside & discover your true self. Only then will you be satisfied.
Only then will you have true peace.

Take a minute & look at yourself. Do you like who you are? Is this the person you want to be for the rest of your life? It's your choice. Your life.
We hold the keys to unlocking that which we need, whether it is healing in whatever form, stress relief, anger , hurt, or whatever. If we are displaying anything that is not as it should be & we know it, then we are in that sense out of control, otherwise we would be whole in spirit.
What we are like in the spiritual reflects in our physical & vise versa. How we are spiritually determines our physical well being in a lot of cases. How we are spiritually determines how we are emotionally. Get the picture?

Our very existence depends on how we are spiritually. We are spiritual first, physical second. Not the other way around. We came here spiritually first to enter a physical body. We came from a spiritual realm, a spiritual world to the physical. We came from a place where it is inhabited by spirits. We came from & where sent by the Great Spirit. These are not just terms but literal. Spirit, spirits, spirit guides, spirit helpers, Great Spirit, spirit realm, Spirit world. Spiritual development depends on our building ourselves up spiritually.

We concentrate too much on the physical & neglect our first & foremost form, us in the spirit. We where created in the physical for this time & place. Us, spirit have been around since the time of creation. We where first created spirit, by Spirits, in a spirit realm.

If I see you as a violent individual or maybe quite the opposite, as a person who is outgoing, caring & showing love by your actions to yourself & others, then this is exactly how you are both on the outside form & as a spirit.

For those of you who understand the spiritual realm, have you ever wondered as to why there are those who have crossed over who are violent, unsettled, angry all the time?
This is one reason. This is probably how they were when they occupied their physical bodies. The same goes for those who are of the caring nature.
We cannot change who we are unless we do it on this side of life.

When we rid ourselves of the unwanted energies, thoughts, emotions or fears, we need to go a step further. Once that which is unwanted leaves, there is a void, an vacuum.
That spot has to to be filled with something to replace that which was taken away. If we don't want that which is negative then we obviously want that which is right. This is now what you need to seek to replace the void.

Talk to your Creator, your guides, your helpers & ask them quite literally to fill you with that which will build you up, make you into the kind of person you really want to be.
A loving, gracious person who has a heart full of love. Turn your eyes away from circumstances that hinder. Turn away as best you can from people who are negative, not only in situations but also in your life in general.

They're dragging you down. destroying you with their negativity if you let them. Hindering you from living life to the fullest. Hindering you from being whole. From being at peace within yourself. Hindering you from ever becoming that special person you so desperately want to be. That nagging deep inside will never go away until you do that which you know is right. Not until you take that first step to healing yourself from all those negative things that are causing you to loose out.

When you take that first step, your cry for deliverance will be heard. Your guides, helpers will attend to your needs. Once you have initially taken that step, your healing will begin. But, you say, " I'm not sick." There are many ways to being sick. You are sick in spirit & deep inside you know it or you wouldn't be considering taking that step to make your life fuller, more complete. If you allow the healing to take place you will see yourself change in so many ways. Your attitude will change. you response to life & others will change. You will not only see but feel such a difference in yourself & you will wonder why you hadn't done this before. You missed out on so much.

So much to recover & you will if you are willing to learn, to apply the teachings to your life. Your fulfillment awaits you. The peace you seek awaits you & it's all FREE. It all depends & starts with one thing..... YOU.

Do you have bitterness, hurt, anger, mixed up emotions inside? Are you so confused as to which way life is taking you? Do you want life to make more sense to you?
The answer lies within you. The healing for all this & more lies underneath all that garbage that is causing those negative thoughts or emotions. Once you get those out, you will see what is real, what really counts for your life. your desire to become as you always knew you wanted to be will grow. It will multiply as you allow it. The only person who can start & stop the healing process is YOU.

The power is in your hands. The ability to make it happen is also in your hands. No one else can do this for you. It has to be you to make that first step. It has to be you to allow the healing powers, the healers to remove the unwanted & awaken that which is supposed to be first & foremost in your life. Did you know it was always there? It was. It was just covered up by everything else.

We are beings of love, created of love, by love & through love. We bring with us that love from the other realm when we are born. All encompassing love cannot die. It never died in you. It may seem like it did but in reality it was there all the time. You & life simply covered it up, neglected it & allowed love to be hidden way down inside you.
That which is eternal knows no death. If we can deny this love which we are apart of then we can activate it again by freeing it through getting the unwanted out of it's place in your life. You were created to love, to be full filled, to be spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically whole.

I can guide you but I can't do it for you. The more we work at anything, the stronger it becomes in us. When life throws us a curb or someone or something causes us to have a negative reaction that we allow to fester maybe into hated or bitterness, they are by our own willingness what shapes us into who we are today. The same goes for freedom from these things. When we allow the good to grow in us, destroying the bad, goodness, truth & love flourishes. It literally becomes part of us again encompassing our lives, full filling our lives, recreating us into a more satisfying life.

People who are of a negative nature are so easy to spot. They wreaked of negativity. You can pick them out of a crowd with no problem. The reason? They are not at peace within themselves. Just as the rose has the scent of sweetness & beauty, the decaying flesh of a carcass also has its own scent. We know them by their walk, their smell of spiritual decay, their talk, their very essence. You can pick up such negativity from these people. When you do, run as fast as you can away from them.

Get out of the range of their negativity. It can & will invade you if you are in their presence too long. Just as you linger in the presence of someone who is good hearted, loving, it also invades you. You remark how loving & sweet they are long after they have left. So it is with the negative. It lingers as a stench. It is marked in your memory, your essence, your spirit. You know them because they have the wrong spirit. Avoid anyone or anything that will tear you down.

Many things we take for granted also tear us down. Lying, cheating, gossip, trouble making, holding a grudge, hateful words or talk. These are all destroyers of us physically & spiritually. We will never grow spiritually if we allow these things & more to be part of our life. These are the subtle things in life that seem so harmless but do the most damage. Once again, it's up to us to make the change. These are all negative things that are rooted deep inside us. Do we want them there knowing just how damaging they can be? It all depends on whether we really want to be free & have that fullness in life or do we just want to continue to decay in our spirit?

I know many of you may take offence to what I am saying. That's alright with me. If you take offence that tells me that you harbor these same things in your life & these truths go against the way you are. This is the only reason you would have such a negative reaction to a message of peace & love. If you were full filled, if you were seeking with an open heart, an open mind & an open spirit you would not have such a reaction, but would be willing to at least read on without being judgemental.
Even if you never agreed, you would not be hostile to teachings of peace unless you were without peace in your own life. Change, even change for the better can be disturbing.

We become accustomed to the way we are. It becomes second nature to us. We know no other way. It becomes natural for us to do that which is negative & we become blinded to its reality. We believe & strongly support & defend our ways knowing if we allow any changes in us we loose that which is so much a part of us. A way that is who we now are.

But, isn't that a good thing? Isn't something better more desireable? We need to get past that blind spot in our lives to see that which is really truth.
There is an old saying that says, "Truth will set you free." This is truth within itself. The other side of the coin is, it can only set you free if we allow it to work in our lives.

You have to want your life to change with every atom of your being before you are able to start the process of change. That's the most important step.
It needs to be your very breath in that it is the most desireable thing you want at that time. When you reach that point in your life you will be ready for the transformation to begin.
Speak to your guides. acknowledge their reality, their existence. It doesn't matter whether you have never felt their presence nor heard their voice. They were always there for you. It was you who failed to ask for help.

Asking is the next step you need to take. It may sound crazy to you but what do you have to loose but a wrong spirit, a wrong attitude & a wrong way of life. What do you have to gain? A right spirit, a right & positive way to live, a real sense of value that will transform you into the kind of person you are supposed to be plus inner healing that you need. Now, is that so bad?

Be willing to change some things in your life.
When things start to change for the better in your life, you will see it. You will feel it. You will be able to know deep inside yourself that you are changing inside. You will notice that old things are starting to fall away while new ways of seeing things, new ways of your response to life are starting to take over.

Be amazed. Be grateful. Be happy that the change has started but whatever you do, don't stop it. Allow it to continue in your life. This is what's supposed to happen.
You wanted it. you asked for it & now it's beginning. You are receiving what you have asked for. Look deep inside & understand how you are changing even to the smallest degree.
The ability to transform yourself into the kind of person you want to be lies within your grasp. Reach out & grab it & never let it go.

If you in your search would like to comment or contact us for help, please feel free to do so.
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