Saturday, 24 August 2013

Story Of Two Parrots

Here's how the story goes.

There was an older woman who had a parrot who loved to repeat things as parrots do. 

The lady had hired a girl to do her housework for her & decided after awhile to leave all her money, house & possessions to the girl for being so faithful to her when she died.

The girl knew this & became greedy. Every little while she would out loud repeat to herself, " I wish the old woman would die. I wish the old woman would die."

One day, the lady of the house heard her parrot repeating.. " I wish the old woman would die."

This distressed her, so she called her preacher up & asked him to come over. He had a parrot also & she figured that maybe the preachers parrot could teach her parrot good things to say.

The preacher brought over his parrot & sat the birds side by side.

Nothing happened. Both birds sat there quietly saying nothing.

All of a sudden, the woman's parrot speaks up & says, " I wish the old woman would die."

The preachers parrot responded by saying,

" Amen Lord.  Answer prayer. "

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